There were 324 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Aug. 23 and Aug. 28. Deputies performed 126 traffic stops and 48 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and one DUI.

8/23 — A deputy responded to call of an abandon vehicle. The deputy found a female in the vehicle. She said she and her boyfriend had had a fight and that he hit her. The boyfriend was cited and taken to Madison County Jail. The female was given a ride back to her home and given information for Family Safety Network.

8/23 – Victor Fire was dispatched because a CO2 sensor was beeping at a residence. Fire determined that the sensor’s batteries needed changing.

8/23 – Tetonia Fire responded to a call that a hay bale was on fire.

8/23 – Deputies responded to a person who was receiving threatening text from another person. The person who sent the texts was on probation. The caller did not want to press charges. A report was taken.

8/24 – Deputies responded to a call from a Utah woman who was visiting the family cabin in Teton Valley. When she arrived at the cabin, the sliding glass doors were broken from the inside. Deputies made entry into the cabin and determined that there were no signs of forced entry and the woman said nothing was missing from the cabin. The call was cleared.

8/24 – A person called 911 to report that they had heard 30-plus rifle shots at 2:30 a.m. in Darby Canyon. Teton County, Idaho Sheriff Office advised Teton County, Wyoming Sheriff Office.

8/24 – Report of domestic disturbance. Neighbors called to say that a husband and wife were fighting and requested a welfare check. When deputies arrived the husband and wife said it was only a verbal argument. The wife gathered her things and went to work.

8/24 – The windshield repairman in Driggs reported that someone keyed his pick up truck.

8/25 – A local man was arrested on three felony warrants. All of the warrants were confirmed out of Bonneville County. He was taken to Bonneville County Jail.

8/25 –A woman came into the Sheriff’s Office to report that she and her boyfriend were fighting. She said the boyfriend was drunk during the fight and had put his hands on her shoulders to get her attention. The girlfriend was given information on Family Safety Network and was advised on how to file for civil protection order.

8/27 – A person called to report a fight over dogs in a neighborhood in Driggs. When deputies responded, one of the dog’s owners reported that the other dog owner hit her in the head and on the “bottom,” because her dog was not leashed. The dog owner who hit the other dog owner was cited for battery.

8/27 – Deputies are investigating a report that a dog had killed 15 chickens. The caller said he had gone to the lake and when he returned late that evening, he found his chickens had been killed. He said it was the neighbor’s girlfriend’s dog that killed the chickens.

8/28 – A caller reported that six cows had died of dehydration on private land. The caller said the remaining cows had been removed from the area. Deputies investigated the call and could not find any carcasses in the area. The call was cleared.

8/28 – Report of shots fired west of the rodeo grounds. Fish and Game responded because of concern with poaching in the area.

8/28 – A traffic stop netted a DUI. The driver was taken to Madison County Jail.


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