There were 296 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 11 and October 17. Deputies performed 80 traffic stops, 40 security checks of local businesses and seven public assistance calls. There were three accidents and one DUI.

10/11 — Someone illegally dumped a boat and a couch on a Tetonia property. Deputies located the trash and are looking into county ordinances for possible citations.

10/12 — A Tetonia caller reported that she was out of town and had heard from a neighbor that someone might have entered her home and taken personal items. She requested a patrol of her residence. Deputies found no evidence of breaking and entering at the abode.

10/12 — A caller wanted to report that during a DUI that had occurred in August, the passenger and driver had switched seats and the DUI had been issued to the wrong person. The information was passed on to the deputy who took the initial DUI report and the case is under investigation.

10/12 — A teenager made a suicide attempt and then called the sheriff’s office. Deputies responded and transported the juvenile to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

10/12 — A caller reported a single vehicle accident that had occurred in the Packsaddle Lake area. A RZR side by side had tipped and rolled, causing one passenger to break an arm. A person in a truck then came upon the scene and transported the passengers to the hospital.

10/13 — A person in downtown Victor asked for a deputy to perform a Breathalyzer test on him to determine if he was valid to drive. The deputy complied and determined he was under the legal limit and thus could drive.

10/13 — A caller reported a reckless driver outside of Victor. Deputies located and stopped the car. The driver failed field sobriety tests. A search of the vehicle yielded paraphernalia and marijuana. The man was taken into custody for DUI and transported to Madison County Jail.

10/14 — A caller reported individuals trespassing on private property. Deputies located the individuals and determined that they were parked on a road adjacent to private property.

10/14 — A Felt caller reported that he had witnessed an individual poaching deer on his property. Idaho Fish & Game issued citations to the hunter for trespassing and for failure to validate a big game tag.

10/14 — A caller reported that there were dogs barking in her Driggs neighborhood. Deputies made contact with her parent, who said the dogs weren’t a problem.

10/15 — There was a deer that had been hit in the middle of the highway near Pine Creek Campground. Deputies located and removed the deer from the road.

10/15 — There was a fender bender in Tetonia that did not result in any injuries. Idaho State Police took the crash report.

10/15 — The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation reported that individuals were parking trailers and other vehicles on the Ashton-Tetonia Trail. Deputies were unable to find any vehicles on the trail.

10/15 — A Driggs caller reported that a neighbor appeared to be burning hazardous materials. Deputies did not detect any odor or fire in the area.

10/16 — There was a vehicle vs. owl accident on Highway 31 that caused minor damage to the vehicle.

10/16 — Deputies issued a warning to an individual in Felt for using old fryer oil as dust abatement on a dirt road.

10/16 — A Victor caller reported the illegal poaching of two deer on private property. IDF&G was notified and the hunters were found. They were prohibited from removing the deer they had shot.

10/16 — A Tetonia caller reported a fire in the back of a parked dump truck. Deputies determined that it was a controlled, contained fire in the truck bed.

10/16 — A driver was pulled over south of Driggs for failing to use a turn signal. He was taken into custody for driving on a suspended license, possession of controlled substances and paraphernalia, and turn signal violation. The passenger was also cited for possession and paraphernalia.

10/16 — An officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked in an empty cul-de-sac in Victor. He made contact with the occupant and detected the odor of marijuana. He searched the vehicle and cited the occupant for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

10/17 — A Tetonia caller reported possible drug activity in the area. The case is under investigation.

10/17 — There was a report of a middle schooler being bullied via text messages. The case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for further action.

10/17 — A driver was pulled over on Little Avenue for having a broken taillight. The officer detected the odor of alcohol in the car. The driver failed field sobriety tests but passed the Breathalyzer test, and was cited for open container.


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