There were 275 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 18 and October 24. Deputies performed 88 traffic stops, 43 security checks of local businesses and three public assistance calls. There was one DUI and the sheriff’s office is happy to report that there were no vehicular accidents called in this week.

10/18 — A caller reported that a man and woman came to a Victor apartment late at night, found the door was locked, and left the scene.

10/18 — A caller reported that his girlfriend had left the house and was possibly suicidal. Deputies located her and she told them she had no intention of harming herself. She was advised to call 911 if anything changed.

10/18 — Teens were toilet-papering a Victor house. No property was permanently damaged. Deputies were unable to locate the trouble-makers.

10/19 — A caller reported that someone had parked illegally on his Victor property to access BLM land. Deputies responded and determined the car was actually parked on a public road.

10/19 — A automotive business reported that an individual was refusing to pay a bill for service done to a vehicle and was causing problems at the business. The individual was trespassed from the premises and both parties agreed to deal with the bill in civil court.

10/20 — There was an injured deer on the highway south of Driggs. Deputies located and dispatched the deer and moved it off the road.

10/20 — There was a report of child abuse but during investigation deputies determined the report was unfounded.

10/20 — A Jackson resident was pulled over on Main Street in Victor for failing to stop at a stop sign. He was taken into custody for DUI.

10/20 — A man that appeared to be intoxicated was sleeping in his car in a Victor driveway. Deputies located him and gave him a courtesy ride to a hotel. The property owner allowed the car to remain in the driveway until the next day. A caller from the West Side Yard later reported that the same person was causing issues at the bar. Deputies gave him a ride back to the hotel and advised him not to leave his room again. The following afternoon, a caller from the hotel said he was behaving oddly and making the staff uncomfortable. He also still hadn’t removed his vehicle from the private driveway. Deputies spoke with management at the hotel and told them to call back if the man continued to cause problems.

10/21 — While a probation officer was performing a house check in Tetonia, one resident was cited and released for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

10/22 — A woman was booked and released on a civil warrant for failure to appear in court.

10/22 — A woman reported that she had learned the person she was seeing was married and she was receiving harassing calls and messages from the wife. Deputies are investigating the threats and helping the individual seek assistance from Family Safety Network.

10/23 — A man reported that a neighbor assaulted him and knocked him to the ground. The assailant was cited and released for battery and the parties were separated for the evening.

10/23 — A woman reported that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was sending her threatening text messages. Deputies spoke with the involved parties and determined the messages didn’t meet the criminal statute for threats but the ex was advised to remain civil.

10/24 — There was a report of a woman who had taken too much medication. She was transported to the hospital for a medical hold and mental health evaluation.

10/24 — Deputies performed a patrol of the school zones, as they do every morning, lunchtime, and afternoon while school is in session. If residents see recurring instances of bad driving, they are invited to report specific details such as license plate number, vehicle make and model, and driver description to the sheriff’s office.

10/24 — A woman reported losing a key in the mail. The case is under investigation.

10/24 — A caller advised the sheriff of a vehicle in the Broulim’s parking lot with a woman and child asleep inside. Officers found the vehicle but it was unoccupied.


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