10/4 — Dispatch received a call of an empty white van with its engine running outside of a Victor drinking establishment. The driver had left the bar, intoxicated, but left the vehicle behind, still running.

10/4- A deputy stopped a driver for speeding and smelled marijuana. A search found weed and meth, along with some items such as a scale that suggested the driver intended to deliver the drugs.

10/5- A Felt property owner said a car had stopped on his property and two people had gotten out. By the time the deputy arrived, the property owner had talked to the two people, who turned out to be travelers who needed to stretch their legs.

10/5 — A driver was arrested after a traffic stop in Victor on an out of state warrant from Georgia.

10/6 — After deputies received a report of a car that slid off the road north of Driggs, the driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

10/6 — A caller said they spotted a person walking along the road in Tetonia wearing all black, including a black ski mask. Deputies couldn’t find the person.

10/6 — A concerned citizen flagged down a deputy to say a hawk had been shot with an arrow. The hawk in question actually had been holding a stick, which it left behind as it flew away.

10/6 — A man was reported to be hiking the Darby Wind Cave trail not wearing a jacket but carrying an AR15-style rifle. Dispatch advised that the man was within his rights to be doing so.

10/7 — Wyoming Highway Patrol gave a heads-up that a man with an Idaho only warrant was headed over the state line. Idaho deputies arrested him on a warrant out of Ada County.

10/07 — A Tetonia-area man was served a notice for violating a county ordinance for having too many vehicles on his property. Most appeared to be “antique” cars.

10/08- A caller reported a man was sitting in his car in the Broulim’s parking lot holding a shotgun. The man was not dressed for hunting. Deputies found the car and saw a shotgun case inside. They entered the store, found the man who was not armed, and spoke to him. He said he had just bought the gun and was inspecting it in his car.

10/08 — A man was arrested on a Teton County warrant.

10/09 — A deputy pulled over a driver near the East Little Avenue, Highway 33 interaction in Driggs for an improper lane change and not having their headlights turned on. After the driver failed field sobriety tests the deputy found drug paraphernalia and open containers in the vehicle. The driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence and underage drinking,

10/09 — A caller said someone had stolen medication out of the center console of his vehicle.

10/09 — A landlord said their tenant was harassing and swearing at them while being evicted. The landlord had a deputy serve the eviction notice so they wouldn’t have to be abused any further.

10/09 — A Victor landowner was conducting a controlled burn when the fire got out of their control. Fire units responded and extinguished the flames.

10/10 — Dispatch received a report of a single vehicle rollover accident just over the county line in Fremont County, which was relayed to the proper authorities.

10/10 — A family, who were in town for a funeral, allegedly stole sheets and towels from the rental cabins where they were staying. The owner became aware of the crime when the suspects bragged about their theft on Facebook. The theft is under investigation, charges are pending.

10/10 — A driver reported their car had been rear ended at the Rainy Creek Campground, a.k.a the Big Eddy. A report was taken to document the damage.

10/10 — A man reported that prescription medication had been stolen from the cabin he was renting in Driggs.

10/10 — A driver was stopped in Victor for not having his headlights turned on. After failing field sobriety tests he was cited for driving under the influence.


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