There were 275 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 25 and October 31. Deputies performed 115 traffic stops, 43 security checks of local businesses, and one public assistance call. There were ten accidents and one DUI.

10/25 — There was a two-vehicle accident in the Teton High School parking lot. Deputies helped the involved drivers exchange insurance information.

10/25 — An adult was given a misdemeanor citation for shoplifting food from Broulim’s. The person was also given a trespass notice and is no longer allowed in the store.

10/25 — An elementary school student threatened gun violence against his peer. Deputies made contact with the kids and their parents and determined the threat wasn’t credible.

10/25 — While investigating a different case, deputies made contact with a juvenile in possession of marijuana. The juvenile probation officer and prosecutor were informed.

10/26 — A man was pulled over north of Driggs for speeding at 2:45 a.m. He failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for excessive DUI with a blood alcohol content of over three times the legal limit. He was unable to post bond and was transported to Madison County Jail.

10/26 — A caller reported that all of her smoke alarms were going off in her home. She evacuated the house with her children. Fire units arrived and determined the alarms were faulty and had been activated by water flooding from the upper floor of the house.

10/27 — A caller reported that she had been the victim of a rental house scam and when the payment didn’t go through, the scammer started sending her threatening messages. She was advised to block all communication from the scammer and to inform the sheriff’s office of any more activity.

10/27 — Deputies observed an individual on property in Tetonia who they believed might have previously been trespassed from the property, but were later unable to locate the person.

10/27 — There was a report of a vehicle that had been vandalized during a football game at the high school. The individual later said it was an accident and that she knew who did it. Her parents were advised that they could open a report if they decided they wanted to.

10/27 — An individual was trying to locate a phone that was pinging from a certain residence where an altercation had previously occurred. Later an acquaintance agreed to help the individual recover the phone.

10/27 — Deputies observed a suspicious vehicle parked on the roadside. They made contact with the occupants and found an adult male with a juvenile female. The man was taken into custody for lewd conduct with a minor and transported to Madison County Jail and the girl was returned to her family.

10/28 — There was a fender-bender in the Driggs Elementary parking lot. Deputies helped the drivers exchange insurance information.

10/28 — A large herd of cattle was loose on Highway 32. The sheriff’s office made contact with the owner, who was en route from Idaho Falls, and the cows were secured in a nearby pasture.

10/29 — There was an injured deer on the side of the highway in Tetonia. It was located and dispatched by a deputy.

10/29 — A local employer requested that deputies give a breath test to an individual who appeared to be intoxicated at work. He failed field sobriety tests and was given a courtesy ride home. It was later reported that he was going to head back to his former workplace to pick up his vehicle, but deputies were unable to locate the individual.

10/29 — A caller requested that several individuals be trespassed from his Victor property.

10/29 — There were multiple 911 calls about a woman suffering from a seizure near Big Eddy. She was transported by ambulance to Teton Valley Hospital.

10/29 — A man was pulled over for failure to maintain lanes on 5000S. He was not intoxicated but the deputy located two empty marijuana containers in the vehicle. The items were confiscated and the driver was given a warning for possession of paraphernalia.

10/30 — There was a report of two teenagers parked in a vehicle in a vacant subdivision, possibly engaging in coitus. They departed abruptly but deputies were able to locate them based on a description of their car. The couple said they had only been making out.

10/30 — A caller reported finding the carcass of what might have been a bobcat or cougar in Tetonia. Idaho Fish & Game determined it was the skinned carcass of a coyote.

10/31 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident on Highway 31.

10/31 — There was a two-vehicle accident in Tetonia. A report was taken for the damage and one driver was cited for improper right turn.

10/31 — There were several reports of lost children during the Driggs and Victor trick-or-treating events. All kids were accounted for by the end of the evening.

10/31 — Deputies responded to a report of an intoxicated individual walking in Victor, but the individual was soon picked up by a sober driver.

10/31 — There was a report of a car parked in the road in Driggs. Deputies located the car and gave the owner a verbal warning for obstructing traffic and for having a recently-expired registration.


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