There were 381 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 26 and May 2. Deputies performed 106 traffic stops, 64 security checks of local businesses, and six public assists. There was one accident and no DUIs.

4/26 — A caller reported that his wife had hit a deer earlier in the morning on her way to work and needed the accident documented for insurance purposes.

4/26 — A Driggs caller reported smoke in a residence. Fire units responded and determined a neighbor had burned something in a pan and the smoke had been carried into the caller’s apartment.

4/26 — A woman in Felt reported a stranger in her barn. She called back to say it was one of her fiancé‘s coworkers and everything was fine.

4/27 — A deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked on Main Street in Driggs and made contact with the man in the car, who was acting nervous. He submitted to a vehicle search and the deputy found several narcotic medications not in prescription bottles. The man was taken into custody for possession of controlled substances.

4/27 — Juvenile males were watching pornographic videos in the lobby of the Cobblestone Hotel. They left the lobby but deputies were able to locate them and inform their parents.

4/28 — There were two reports of a goat near the highway in Victor. Deputies were unable to locate the goat but dispatch posted information about the loose goat on the TCSO Facebook page.

4/28 — Deputies trespassed an individual from a property in Driggs.

4/29 — A deputy gave a courtesy ride to parents and a child from the Regional Children and Family Services Program in Rexburg.

4/29 — A caller reported that her husband and stepdaughter were fighting and screaming at each other on the front lawn of their house. All involved parties had left the area by the time deputies arrived.

4/29 — Victor residents reported a strong smell of ammonia in the carpet at their house and said they were concerned that illegal drug use or manufacture had occurred at the house. Units investigated, found no evidence of drugs, and advised the residents to leave the windows open to let the smell dissipate.

4/29 — A caller requested that the sheriff’s office investigate an injury to a child’s arm.

4/30 — A deputy observed an individual walking down the street in Driggs carrying some kind of plant and gave the person a courtesy ride home.

4/30 — The fire department helped extinguish a burn pit for the City of Victor and advised dispatch that it would smolder for a couple of days.

5/1 — A Driggs caller reported smoke and a fire alarm going off at his house. Units responded and extinguished the small fire.

5/1 — A Victor caller reported that one of her neighbor’s garbage was blowing around and being eaten by dogs. The neighbor was given a verbal warning for littering and told to clean up the area.

5/1 — There was a report of sexual assault of a juvenile female by an adult male. The case is under investigation.

5/1 — A woman reported that her phone was stolen near Broulim’s. The theft is under investigation.

5/1 — There was another report of goats near the highway north of Victor. Deputies were unable to capture the capras.

5/1 — A field caught fire in Tetonia. Units were able to contain and extinguish the fire.

5/1 — A woman was cited and released for open container after being pulled over at 8000 South. Deputies suspected she was driving under the influence but she blew under the legal limit. A sober driver came to pick her up, but he had an active warrant for his arrest out of Idaho Falls. He was taken into custody.

5/2 — Deputies controlled traffic while large pieces of farm equipment were driven through downtown Driggs.

5/2 — TCSO performed a welfare check on a possibly suicidal subject. The individual was cleared by EMS units.

5/2 — Just after midnight a deputy was waved down by a man at a Victor gas station. He was out of gas and his credit card was not working at the pump. The deputy spent $15 of his own money to put gas into the man’s tank.


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