There were 295 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 10 and May 16. Deputies performed 55 traffic stops and 53 security checks of local businesses. Residents called in 49 controlled burns. There were three accidents and three DUIs.

5/10 — A woman reported that a pit bull had injured her dog near Ski Hill Road and she had to take it to the vet. The assailant’s owner said the issue would be handled as a civil matter, but the woman wanted the case documented in case it happened again.

5/10 — A Tetonia man was arrested on a Teton County warrant for violating the conditions of his release after a DUI charge.

5/10 — A juvenile took an excess of vitamins and antibiotics with the intent of self-harm. The parents were notified and they transported the juvenile to the hospital for mental health evaluation.

5/11 — A deputy came across a suspicious vehicle with its lights on parked in a Victor cul-de-sac and detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Two juveniles and one adult were cited and released for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

5/11 — At 2:30 a.m. an Idaho Falls woman was pulled over in Driggs for speeding. She showed indications of intoxication, failed field sobriety tests, and blew over the legal limit. She was taken into custody for DUI.

5/11 — A Victor resident reported hearing neighbors yelling. Deputies responded and spoke with the couple involved. There was no physical altercation and the couple said they would seek out counseling.

5/11 — A woman reported that a neighbor’s dog had attacked her husband and bitten her while they were riding bikes. They had had issues with the dog in the past. She said she would speak with the dog’s owner and call back if she wanted to press charges.

5/11 — The man who had been taken into custody on a warrant the previous day called the sheriff’s office and asked the TCSO staff to call some of his acquaintances and employees to arrange for the care of his dogs. Arrangements were made.

5/11 — A concerned individual came to the sheriff’s office to report seeing a man harassing a scared-looking woman at a local restaurant. Deputies responded but the involved parties had already left.

5/11 — A bike was left near the restrooms at Harrops Bridge with a note on it saying it was free to a good home. Deputies contacted the family of the owner of the bike, but they said they didn’t want to report the man missing.

5/12 — There was a van parked on the non-motorized section of Old Jackson Highway. The owner of the van was located and advised to move the vehicle.

5/12 — A Driggs caller reported hearing two gunshots fired within city limits. Deputies made contact with people in the area, who confirmed hearing shots from what sounded like a small caliber weapon. They couldn’t locate the source of the shots.

5/13 — A caller reported finding a snake outside a Victor apartment complex and requested assistance. Deputies located the reptile and moved it to a safer area.

5/13 — A Driggs resident reported that someone had ridden a dirt bike onto her property then parked it there. She later called back to say she had located the owner and the situation was resolved.

5/13 — Dispatch received two 911 calls about a reckless driver in Tetonia. Deputies located and pulled over the driver, who was exhibiting signs of impairment. The driver was taken into custody for DUI of an intoxicating substance.

5/13 — A student driver with a restricted license drove to the sheriff’s office to take a license test, and the driver’s license clerk noticed that the youth had driven without required adult supervision. Deputies gave him a warning for driving without privileges and notified his parents, who came to pick him up.

5/13 — There was a controlled burn in Victor that was not permitted or called in. Units arrived and issued a permit.

5/13 — The Federal Aviation Administration contacted the sheriff’s office to request that deputies check on an aircraft that had been en route to the Driggs airport but hadn’t called in a successful landing. Deputies determined that the aircraft had landed safely and the pilot merely forgot to call FAA.

5/14 — A caller reported that when he checked on a vehicle he had parked in long term storage, the windshield appeared to have been shot with a BB gun. The case was documented.

5/14 — A caller reported that when her daughter had come home from school, she found a friend of the family intoxicated and passed out in the house. Deputies gave the individual a courtesy ride home.

5/14 — Broulim’s clerks reported that a woman was causing a disturbance in the store. Deputies served her with a trespass notice.

5/15 — A traffic complaint about an erratic driver led to the arrest of a man in downtown Driggs for DUI and open container. Because it was 8:30 a.m., he was arraigned the same day and transported to Madison County Jail.

5/15 — There was a fender bender in the parking lot at the high school.

5/15 — A caller reported seeing a dog attacking another dog and its owner on 5th Street in Driggs. Deputies made contact with the victim, who said he did not want law enforcement involved.

5/15 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident on Ski Hill Road. The driver was able to dispatch the injured animal.

5/15 — A Victor resident reported a stolen camp trailer. The owner of the trailer was not sure when it was last seen. Information was collected and entered into the national database and local agencies will be on the lookout for the missing trailer.

5/16 — A person without authorization to do so used a Broulim’s customer account to purchase food. Deputies are working with the account owner to investigate, with the possibility of two criminal misdemeanor charges pending.

5/16 — A family reported that their son had broken off communication with them and left the area. TCSO made contact with the son and determined he was in no danger and wasn’t a missing person.

5/16 — A Jackson caller reported receiving a phone call from her sister and hearing sounds of distress. Deputies went to the sister’s residence and found that she and her boyfriend had been arguing but there was no physical altercation. They separated for the night.

5/16 — A caller reported the unauthorized use of a credit card at Valley Lumber for the purchase of tools. The case is under investigation.

5/16 — A Driggs resident reported hearing a woman outside screaming, and said it was a recurring incident in the neighborhood. The woman was located and taken into custody for a mental hold, then transported to the Behavioral Health Center in Idaho Falls.


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