There were 327 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 3 and May 9. Deputies performed 69 traffic stops, 52 security checks of local businesses, and five public assists. Residents called in 57 controlled burns. There were five accidents and one DUI.

5/3 — A caller reported that an individual was pointing a spotlight on private property in Driggs. Deputies located the individual and told him to stop using the spotlight and leave.

5/3 — Smoke was observed in the Rammell Valley area north of Tetonia. It was later determined to be a 25-acre fire that was a result of a controlled burn getting out of hand. Fire units were able to contain and extinguish the fire.

5/3 — There was a report of a stolen motorcycle. The theft is under investigation.

5/3 — A resident reported the theft of prescription medications from an unlocked house. The case is under investigation.

5/4 — A deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked at the Victor gas station after midnight and made contact with the couple in the car. Date night was officially over.

5/4 — A deputy came across a fallen aspen tree across Stateline Road and contacted Teton County Road & Bridge to have it removed.

5/4 — Fire units contained a half-acre fire in Felt.

5/4 — Guests at the Super 8 Motel called to make a noise complaint about an event happening at the fairgrounds and said the music had excessive bass. Deputies went and told the party organizers to turn the music down.

5/5 — A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had planted listening devices in her home. She had texts from him in which he admitted to listening in on her. She believed the issue was resolved but wanted documentation of the incident.

5/5 — A local man was pulled over in downtown Tetonia after failing to stop before entering the highway from a side street. He failed field sobriety tests and was transported to Madison County Jail on his second offense DUI.

5/5 — A woman observed a rollover accident at the intersection of Teton Canyon and Ski Hill Road. There were two occupants and a dog in the car. The caller reported that the driver of the car had asked her not to call 911. Teton County, Wyoming deputies responded and took the driver into custody for DUI.

5/5 — A caller wanted her daughter-in-law trespassed from her property, but later canceled the trespass notice.

5/6 — There was a car parked next to a ditch fire on Bates Road. Deputies made contact with the car’s occupant and determined there was nothing unusual about the ditch fire.

5/6 — A juvenile did not return home after work and it was discovered that he had left the state with another person. He was located in that state and taken into protective custody as a runaway. Arrangements were made to transport him home.

5/7 — There was a two-car accident north of Victor. No one sustained injuries and an Idaho State trooper took a report for minor vehicular damage.

5/7 — A woman verbally accosted an individual at a Driggs gas station. The incident is under investigation.

5/7 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in Driggs. A report was taken.

5/8 — A juvenile was issued a notice while at Teton Middle School for minor in possession of marijuana. The juvenile’s parents were notified.

5/8 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a young child who said it wasn’t an emergency but that his mother wasn’t at home. Deputies and the sheriff responded and found the babysitter at the house.

5/8 — There was minor damage to a lamp post near Westside Yard that had been struck by a vehicle. A report was taken.

5/9 — City staff in Tetonia reported that a carpet cleaning service was dumping water from a vehicle into the park. Deputies made contact with a company representative, who said the cleaning agents used were nontoxic and organic but said he would advise employees against illegal dumping. The company was given a warning for malicious injury to property.

5/9 — A Victor gas station employee reported that a woman had pulled up in a car with four small children under the age of five and no car seats. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.


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