There were 343 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 17 and May 23. Deputies performed 109 traffic stops, 54 security checks of local businesses, and ten public assists. Residents called in 59 controlled burns. There was one accident and one DUI.

5/17 — One pickup truck rear-ended another pickup in Victor. Neither driver sustained injuries but there was some damage to the vehicles. An Idaho State Police patroller took the incident report.

5/17 — A caller reported that an entire construction site was on fire in Victor. It turned out to be a small fire that was under control in a pit. No action was required.

5/18 — A caller reported that he drove by a Victor house at 3:30 a.m. and saw a man outside the residence wearing gloves and holding a shovel. Deputies made contact with the man, who said he had just gotten off work and was repairing potholes in his driveway.

5/18 — At 4 a.m. during a patrol of Victor, a deputy made contact with the occupants of a parked vehicle at the city park. The deputy detected the odor of alcohol and the driver admitted to intoxication. He was cited for underage DUI, taken into custody, and later released to his father.

5/18 — A caller reported the strong smell of propane near the fuel storage tanks south of Driggs. Units investigated but were unable to detect a leak.

5/18 — There was a vehicle with mechanical problems parked on the shoulder of the highway but it was gone by the time deputies responded.

5/19 — A car was keyed at the skate park. The sheriff’s office is investigating the vandalism and checking footage from the nearby surveillance cameras.

5/19 — Two Driggs callers reported hearing a loud noise; one thought it was gun shots and the other fireworks. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the sound.

5/20 — A deputy noticed that items had been dragged out of a storage unit in Victor. The owner of the business was aware of the situation and said the renter was airing out the unit.

5/20 — Dispatch received a call from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office that someone had spotted a vehicle on Highway 32 that matched the description of a car in a recent amber alert. Deputies located and stopped the car, but it had different license plates and was not the vehicle in question.

5/20 — A woman reported that she had lost control of her car on Highway 31 during a hailstorm and crashed into a fence. She was not injured but wanted to report the damage to the owner of the property.

5/20 — A caller reported that her phone had been hacked and some of her account numbers had been compromised. The sheriff’s office helped her create a report to get the fraud process started.

5/20 — A caller reported seeing light flashing in a neighboring Driggs residence. Deputies responded and saw a flickering light but nothing of real concern. The caller agreed to make contact with the owner of the house.

5/21 — A deputy went to a Driggs apartment to serve a civil protection order. While there, the deputy had a conversation with the resident about drugs, which gave him probable cause to request a K-9 search. Paraphernalia was found and confiscated.

5/22 — A man came to the sheriff’s office to report that his home had been unlawfully entered. Nothing was missing, and a note had been left that said the person who entered the residence was actually returning some belongings.

5/22 — A caller reported five bags on trash on the shoulder of the road near Victor. Deputies determined it was actually part of a roadside clean-up.

5/22 — A neighbor’s dog rushed out of its yard and tried to bite a woman while she was riding a bike in Victor. A report was taken and deputies are attempting to contact the dog’s owner.

5/22 — There was a hitchhiker at the Tetonia Post Office who was attempting to catch a ride to work. He was informed that hitchhiking is illegal in Idaho.

5/23 — Prescription medications and an iPad were stolen from a Tetonia residence. A report was taken and the burglary is under investigation.

5/23 — A Driggs caller reported seeing a vehicle drive all the way to the end of a private driveway. The driver stopped and took pictures of the house. The caller wanted a record of the suspicious activity.

5/23 — A caller reported that an individual was knocking on doors in Tetonia and asking strange questions of residents. Deputies arrived in the area but were unable to locate the person.


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