There were 292 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Feb. 22 and Feb. 28. Deputies performed 42 security checks of local businesses, seven public assists, and 77 traffic stops. There was one accident, six slide-offs, five DUIs, and one ambulance dispatched to Grand Targhee Resort.

2/22 — During a security check at the Kotler Ice Arena, a deputy made contact with an individual in a parked vehicle. The individual consented to a search and the K9 alerted on a controlled substance. The substance is being tested which could result in felony charges.

2/22 — A deputy gave a hitchhiker a courtesy ride to the Victor market from Driggs but warned him that hitchhiking is illegal in Idaho.

2/22 — There was a black lab running in the road in Tetonia.

2/22 — A Driggs caller reported that a moose was charging him from his back porch. Deputies arrived and shot at the moose with bean bags. The moose ran off and the deputies informed Idaho Fish & Game of the incident.

2/22 — A woman reported that a man in a gold Chevy truck had been driving around her property taking pictures. She wanted it documented in case he returned.

2/22 — A resident of a Victor apartment complex complained of loud music from a neighboring apartment at 8 p.m. Deputies made contact with the source of the music, which was turned down. There was also a suspicious vehicle call that turned out to be people loading up supplies as they left the party.

2/22 — A woman was pulled over south of Driggs for failing to maintain her lane while driving. She failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI and open container. She was later given a courtesy ride home.

2/23 — There was a chimney fire in a house off 3000S. Units attempted to extinguish the fire but the house was lost. No residents sustained injuries.

2/23 — There was a large group of deer crossing the highway near 3500S. Deputies performed traffic control.

2/23 — A man was pulled over on Baseline for failing to stop or signal at a stop sign. He was arrested for DUI, open container, and transporting a child in a vehicle while intoxicated.

2/24 — A vehicle rolled onto its side near 9500S in Victor. The driver refused ambulance transport and the car was towed.

2/24 — IDF&G alerted the sheriff’s office to an injured deer near the courthouse. Deputies located and dispatched the deer.

2/24 — Dispatch received a 911 call about an emergency in Jackson and transferred the call to Wyoming.

2/24 — There was a report of a vehicle stuck in a snow drift near Victor. It was removed by a tow company.

2/25 — A caller reported a sedan blocking traffic while parked in the chain up area on Highway 31 outside of Victor.

2/25 — A caller reported a suspicious vehicle at a Victor apartment complex at 4 p.m. People were getting in and out of the car and being generally aggressive. Deputies made contact with two of the individuals, who said they were getting ready for work. They were warned that parking in the road and being loud could be construed as suspicious behavior.

2/25 — The carbon monoxide alarm went off at a Driggs resident because the owner had left a car running in the garage.

2/25 — A local man was taken into custody for DUI after running a stop sign in downtown Victor. He was also cited for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. A white substance that was also found in his car is being tested and could result in felony possession charges.

2/25 — A man was pulled over in Tetonia for failing to use his turn signal. He was taken into custody for driving under the influence of a controlled substance and was later released.

2/26 — A caller reported the theft of a rear license plate off a vehicle in Driggs. The license number was entered into the national database.

2/26 — An unoccupied truck that had been left idling west of Tetonia burst into flames. The owner extinguished the fire and removed the debris from the road.

2/26 — There were two individuals wearing dark clothing and walking down the highway in Driggs. A deputy gave them a courtesy ride to Broulim’s.

2/27 — A passing motorist observed smoke from a chimney fire at an Alta residence. Fire units arrived but the residents had already extinguished it.

2/27 — The sheriff’s office received a report from the Idaho Department of Health and Wellness about an incident that occurred at a local daycare in which an employee may have spanked a child. The case is under investigation.

2/28 — A Driggs business reported that a former employee had written fraudulent checks to pay back loans.

2/28 — A woman reported that her husband was possibly suicidal. Deputies located him and he said he had no intention of harming himself.

2/28 — A man was taken into custody on a Teton County warrant for probation violation and transported to Madison County.

2/28 — A man was pulled over in downtown Driggs for failing to stop at the traffic light. He failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI. He became uncooperative during booking and was transported to Madison County Jail after refusing to be fingerprinted.


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