There were 288 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between March 6 and March 12. Deputies performed 78 traffic stops, 47 security checks of local businesses, and seven public assists. There were eight accidents and no DUIs.

3/6 — A caller reported that a former acquaintance would not stop sending him text messages and was using an app to make the unwanted messages unblockable. The caller wanted the harassment documented. He was given information on getting a civil protection order.

3/6 — There was a collision involving a FedEx truck and a UPS truck in Tetonia. A report was taken by Idaho State Police.

3/6 — A delivery driver reported that a property owner had chased him down in a vehicle after the driver had left a package at the end of the driveway. During the chase, the owner had apparently struck and killed his own dog. Deputies spoke with the property owner, who was very upset and stated it was the driver’s fault. The owner apparently threatened the driver with physical violence if he returned. No one involved pressed charges but the property owner said he would contact the corporate office of the delivery company.

3/6 — The Department of Health and Wellness forwarded a report of possible child abuse to the sheriff’s office. TCSO had already been made aware of the case and was investigating. H&W was advised of the status of the case.

3/6 — There was a report of three deer that had been hit by different vehicles on the highway near MD Nursery. The vehicles sustained minimal damage but the deer were killed. They were removed from the road.

3/6 — A driver was pulled over in downtown Driggs for having a taillight out. The deputy observed an open alcohol container in the vehicle and the driver was cited.

3/7 — A deputy observed a vehicle parked on Stateline Road and made contact with the occupant, who said he was resting with his dog for awhile.

3/7 — A caller reported that she had broken up with her boyfriend and that he was threatening to commit suicide. Deputies located him and found that he was being supervised by family members. He declined assistance. The caller was informed of his status.

3/7 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Tetonia.

3/7 — Idaho State Police requested deputy assistance for an accident that had happened outside Teton County on Pine Creek Pass. A vehicle had hit a large pothole and blew two tires. Deputies assisted and cleared the scene of the accident.

3/8 — A caller reported that her husband’s ex-wife was sending threatening messages over Facebook. She was given information on getting a civil protection order.

3/8 — A caller received a strange phone call from an individual who made her feel uncomfortable and she wanted the incident documented. She was advised to block the number.

3/8 — A caller reported that someone had hit his parked car in Victor the previous night. He said he would speak with his insurance company.

3/9 — A repossession company informed the sheriff’s office about the repo of a white Ford Edge SUV.

3/9 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision on the frontage road south of Driggs.

3/9 — Employees at a Driggs preschool reported that someone was sitting outside the school in his car. Deputies made contact with him and advised him of the complaint.

3/9 — A caller reported that she had seen a person near her residence who had previously been served a no contact order. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect in the area.

3/9 — Blue storage bins were stolen from a Victor gas station. The theft is under investigation.

3/9 — There was a two-vehicle accident near the Valley Centre intersection in Driggs. The parties involved exchanged insurance information.

3/9 — A vehicle backed into a fuel pump at a Driggs gas station. No hazardous material was spilled.

3/9 — A caller reported that a vehicle with two occupants had been parked outside a Victor apartment complex for two hours. Deputies made contact with the occupants, who said they were just talking.

3/10 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. One driver was issued a citation for following too close.

3/10 — Dispatch received a call about a cow in the road past the county line. The call was transferred to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

3/11 — A caller reported that a deer had been hit in Tetonia. Deputies were unable to locate the animal.

3/11 — There was a report from an Idaho Falls medical center of a patient who had been bit by a dog at a Driggs business. The patient didn’t want to press charges and the owner had been made aware of the bite.

3/11 — A caller reported a driver who was driving erratically through Victor on the way to Pine Creek Pass. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle but Idaho State Police in Bonneville County were advised.

3/11 — A man was taken into custody on a Teton County warrant for violating the terms of his release after initial charges of exploiting a vulnerable adult for over $1,000.

3/12 — A caller reported that people had poached the private hot tub at a Driggs resort. They also stole a parking cone as they were leaving. The reporting party had photos of the suspects and the case is under investigation.

3/12 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Victor. The young driver only had a permit and was cited for failure to drive with a licensed passenger.


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