There were 288 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between March 13 and March 19. Deputies performed 44 traffic stops, 46 security checks of local businesses, and four public assists. There were four accidents, three slide-offs, and no DUIs.

3/13 — A caller reported a moose in the front yard of a house in Driggs. The moose was not being aggressive. The caller was advised not to approach the moose and to give Idaho Fish & Game a call.

3/13 — An elderly man threatened staff at Victor City Hall over a utility bill. Deputies contacted him and cited him for disturbing the peace.

3/13 — A woman was arrested and taken into custody on a Teton County warrant.

3/13 — Deputies responded to help with a civil disagreement when one parent refused the other visitation of their children.

3/13 — A man was arrested on a Teton County warrant for failing to appear in court.

3/13 — The Idaho Department of Health and Wellness forwarded a report to the sheriff’s office about an individual abusing a family member in the recent past. The case is under investigation.

3/13 — A resident caretaker observed and reported to the homeowner that doors had been left open at the residence and it appeared someone had entered, but nothing was missing. The homeowner informed the sheriff’s office and said the locks would be changed.

3/14 — A 911 caller said her husband was causing a disturbance, then she hung up. Deputies checked on the address but no one answered the door and dispatch received no further calls about the disturbance.

3/14 — There was a report of a Nissan Sentra that had been stolen the prior night in Victor. The car was later discovered northeast of Victor. The people who located it noticed one set of footprints in the snow nearby and it appeared that the car had been taken and then intentionally pushed or rolled down a ravine into deep snow. The car was towed and TCSO searched and fingerprinted the car. The theft and property damage is under investigation.

3/14 — TCSO and IDF&G went door-to-door in a Driggs neighborhood to inform residents of a moose in the area.

3/14 — A caller reported that she and her boyfriend had had an argument. Deputies responded and determined there had been no physical altercation. The woman was given information on the Family Safety Network.

3/14 — A caller reported that his uncle had hit him the night before at Dave’s Pubb. Deputies made contact with the victim, who said he did not want to press charges.

3/14 — A caller reported that there were two men doing target practice nearby. The caller was advised that target shooting is legal as long as safety precautions are in place.

3/14 — A caller reported hearing loud arguing from a nearby apartment. Deputies made contact with the residents and found them engaged in a friendly but spirited game of Mario Kart.

3/15 — There was a two-vehicle accident south of Victor. Both cars had to be towed but none of the occupants sustained injuries.

3/15 — While assisting with an ambulance call at Teton Valley Resort, a deputy detected the strong odor of marijuana coming from a neighboring cabin. He asked the residents about the smell and they admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana, and consented to a search of the cabin. After getting a search warrant, the deputy found 70 grams of marijuana as well as paraphernalia throughout the residence. Three men in their early twenties were cited for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

3/15 — A caller reported hearing gunshots near the industrial park south of Driggs during the daytime.

3/15 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. Both cars had to be towed but none of the occupants sustained injuries.

3/15 — A caller reported seeing a seemingly intoxicated person walking southbound on Highway 33 near Broulim’s. Deputies located the individual on the bike path and offered him a courtesy ride, which he declined.

3/15 — A caller reported a suspicious person walking on Highway 31. Deputies located him and gave him a courtesy ride to Teton Valley Resort.

3/16 — The elderly gentleman returned to Victor City Hall and continued making staff uncomfortable, so he was served a trespass notice.

3/16 — A caller reported that she was having an issue with a roommate who refused to leave the house when asked. He had already left by the time deputies arrived, and the caller said he would soon be moving out of state.

3/17 — The hospital reported that a seven-year-old girl had been bitten by a dog. The parents knew the owner of the dog but did not wish to press charges.

3/17 — A caller reported that her extremely intoxicated husband had hit her in the face. Deputies located him, cited him for misdemeanor domestic battery, and transported him to a hotel in Rexburg for the night.

3/18 — There was a single-vehicle rollover on Highway 31. EMS and fire units responded. There were no injuries or hazardous material spills. The vehicle was towed.

3/19 — A caller reported hearing gunshots near her Driggs neighborhood. Deputies spoke with several other individuals in the area who had also heard the shots, but were unable to locate the source.

3/19 — A caller reported that a neighbor had yelled profanities at her child. She didn’t want deputies to respond, she just wanted the incident documented.

3/19 — Deputies attempted to serve a warrant at a Driggs apartment and did not find the person they were looking for, but did find marijuana and paraphernalia during a consent search of the residence and cited the occupant for possession of a controlled substance.

3/19 — A caller reported that some of her family was frequently calling and threatening her from another state. A deputy contacted the family members by phone and ordered them to stop calling.


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