There were 424 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 24 and May 30. Deputies performed 203 traffic stops, 47 security checks of local businesses, and four public assists. Residents called in 47 controlled burns. There was one accident and one DUI. 

5/24 — A caller from Gemstone Subdivision in Driggs reported that high schoolers were speeding in the neighborhood. Deputies will patrol the area.

5/24 — A caller reported a possibly intoxicated driver in Driggs who was making dangerous passes. Deputies were unable to locate the driver.

5/24 — A man was located in Victor and taken into custody on a Bonneville County warrant and transported to Bonneville County Jail.

5/24 — A caller reported a possibly intoxicated driver in Victor. Deputies located and pulled the driver over. She failed field sobriety tests and was on probation. She was taken into custody for DUI and possession of methamphetamine and transported to Madison County Jail.

5/24 — During a traffic stop in Victor, a man was cited for having an open container.

5/24 — A teenager in Tetonia was cited for underage possession of tobacco and turned over to his father.

5/25 — A caller reported a dead deer in the highway in Tetonia. It was removed by a deputy.

5/25 — A family disturbance occurred when a husband did not want his wife’s friend to spend the night at their house again. The altercation was only verbal and no report was taken.

5/25 — Deputies checked public spaces like campgrounds and river access points after Idaho Falls law enforcement put out a regional attempt to locate on an Idaho Falls man. They were unable to locate him in Teton County.

5/25 — Guests at the Super 8 hotel complained of loud music coming from a wedding party at the fairgrounds after 10 p.m. Deputies made contact with the revelers and requested that they turn their music down.

5/26 — A man was pulled over on Main Street in Driggs for speeding. He was cited for having an open container and given a warning for speeding.

5/27 — A caller reported a minor accident that had occurred earlier in the day in Driggs. No one had sustained injuries but a report was needed for insurance purposes.

5/28 — The sheriff’s office has received several complaints of speeding on Cedron Road and performed a special patrol of the area. Deputies didn’t make any citations and gave out one verbal warning.

5/28 — A man reported that he had posted a room for rent on Craigslist and a supposed renter sent him a check for more than he asked, then requested that some of the money be returned. The man was not scammed into giving the renter money and instead brought the fraudulent check to the sheriff’s office.

5/28 — A caller requested a welfare check on a sibling because he was concerned she might be in an abusive relationship. After checking the residence, deputies took a man into custody for felony possession of a controlled substance. A woman was also cited and released for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

5/29 — Dispatch received a 911 call from Teton Pass about a deer that had been hit on the highway but was still alive. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

5/29 — There were large rocks on the highway near Cottonwood Corner in Driggs. The truck driver responsible for the spill cleaned up the debris.

5/29 — There was a report of a man fighting with his family during a wedding at Moose Creek Ranch. Deputies responded and found an injured man with a bloody nose. He said he had fallen on his face and no one present wanted to make an incident report. The wedding attendees said they would retire for the evening.

5/30 — An investigator received a search warrant for Snapchat as part of an ongoing investigation.

5/30 — Deputies observed a person walking down the road in the dark in Tetonia. They made contact with the pedestrian, who was just out for an evening stroll.

5/30 — A person came to the sheriff’s office to report a domestic disturbance. Deputies responded to the house and found that it was a verbal altercation. The involved parties were advised on how to get a civil protection order and given information for the Family Safety Network.

5/30 — A deputy observed a vehicle parked on the side of the highway in Tetonia. The car’s occupant was taking a nap.


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