There were 300 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 31 and June 6. Deputies performed 86 traffic stops, 39 security checks of local businesses, and four public assists. Residents called in 43 controlled burns. There were four accidents and zero DUIs.

5/31 — A caller reported seeing a man in dark clothing walking past the rental cabins in downtown Driggs at 1 a.m. Deputies located the subject, who said he was just walking home.

5/31 — A caller believed that some horses in Tetonia were not being properly cared for. A deputy checked on the horses and determined that they had multiple bales of hay, water, and a salt lick. A state veterinarian has also checked on the same horses’ welfare in the past and also determined that they have adequate care.

5/31 — Dispatch received a call from a driver who had gotten stuck in snow on Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road.

5/31 — A Victor caller reported that someone had intentionally removed the cap from her propane tank, but she wasn’t sure when or how it had happened. She wanted the case documented.

5/31 — A caller reported that a friend had posed a suicidal threat on social media and taken pills. The individual was located and transported via Air Idaho to EIRMC.

5/31 — A Victor man called about having his tenant removed from the property because the tenant was throwing objects at the landlord’s house. Deputies separated the parties and the tenant said he would return to later to pick up his possessions.

6/1 — A Victor woman reported hearing banging sounds outside her house. She was concerned it was a mountain lion. A deputy patrolled the area but did not locate the source of the sounds.

6/1 — Dispatch received a 911 call that sounded like a domestic disturbance in progress, but the caller hung up before making contact. When dispatch called back, the woman said her husband was very intoxicated and pushing her around. Deputies responded and interviewed both parties, but did not get enough information to determine who the aggressor was in the situation. The couple agreed to separate for the night and no further incidents were reported.

6/1 — A caller reported that his son was having a schizophrenic episode. He was taken to the hospital on a voluntary mental hold.

6/1 — A motorcyclist slid off the road on Highway 31 and was experiencing rib and leg pain. He was transported to the hospital and a report was taken for the accident.

6/1 — A caller at Broulim’s reported seeing a seemingly intoxicated woman getting into a car with two children in the backseat. Deputies searched but were unable to locate a vehicle matching the description.

6/2 — An electrical box in Driggs started sparking and smoking. Fire units and Fall River Electric responded to the scene.

6/2 — There was a dumpster fire outside of Teton Thai. Units responded and extinguished the fire.

6/3 — A county road and bridge truck was sideswiped by a passing vehicle on Highway 32, which resulted in minor damage. A report was taken by a deputy because it was a county-owned vehicle.

6/3 — A caller reported seeing vehicles in the driveway of an abandoned residence in Victor, even though it seemed uninhabitable. Deputies made contact with a person there, who had just purchased the property and had proof of the sale.

6/4 — A caller reported that a truck and trailer had been going 10 mph under the speed limit on Highway 33 near Driggs, and in the middle of a pass, the truck had swerved, attempted to run the caller off the road, and left minor damage to the vehicle.

6/4 — A caller reported that an individual had been texting possibly suicidal messages to his family members. Deputies found the individual and gave him a courtesy ride to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

6/5 — A repo company informed the sheriff’s office that it would be repossessing a Victor resident’s truck.

6/5 — A citizen came to the sheriff’s office to report a possible embezzlement. Someone had started a wrestling league then ended it without returning participants’ funds.

6/5 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in Victor. While the deputy was en route, the driver called back to say the insurance company didn’t need a report taken.

6/6 — A caller reported finding a purse and leash on a picnic table near the South Bates Bridge. A deputy went to retrieve the belongings and found the “purse” was actually a fishing tackle box. He left the tackle box in place because it had no identification and someone would probably return for it.

6/6 — There were two loose horses running down 1000E off 5000S. The horses’ owner was contacted and the horses were secured.

6/6 — There was a semi-truck stuck in the ditch near Trail Creek Nursery. By the time deputies arrived the truck had gotten unstuck and left the scene.


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