There were 295 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between June 7 and June 13. Deputies performed 83 traffic stops and 43 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and four DUIs.

6/7 — A caller thought that lightning had hit a house in Victor and reported the strong smell of burned rubber. Units responded and determined the smoke was caused by a faulty piece of electrical cable.

6/7 — A caller reported seeing a big cloud of smoke east of Driggs. It was a controlled burn at one of the gravel pits.

6/7 — An employee at the Phillips 66 reported a man who was staggering at the gas station. The man said he was going to the Bank of Commerce. A deputy made contact with him at the bank and determined he was not intoxicated.

6/7 — There was a deer vs. car collision near Mike Harris Campground. A report was taken for the damage to the vehicle.

6/8 — A woman reported that another woman had plowed into her car while it was parked on the side of the road in a neighborhood. The suspect left the scene, but later returned as a passenger. Deputies were there waiting for her and cited her and her driver for DUI. Charges are also pending for aggravated assault of an officer because the woman spit on one of the deputies.

6/8 — A caller reported a domestic disturbance in which her daughter was being threatened by her boyfriend. The young man was told to leave the property and stop harassing the daughter, who was given information for the Family Safety Network.

6/9 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident on Highway 32.

6/9 — The hospital reported a female patient who had been bitten by a dog. The sheriff’s office attempted to contact her but she did not return any calls.

6/9 — A Driggs man woke up at midnight to find a four-year-old in his house. She said she had come in the garage and was lost but knew where her house was. She was returned to her home.

6/10 — A man reported a scratch on his car that he had first observed last fall, but didn’t know when it had occurred. A report was taken for insurance purposes.

6/10 — Dispatch received several calls about a truck on fire outside of Tetonia. The driver eventually noticed the fire in his truck and pulled over. He was transporting two bulls into the county and was towing a trailer. Deputies were able to respond and extinguish the fire, and fire units cleaned up the scene. The bulls were unharmed and HAPI Trails assisted in transporting them to their final destination.

6/11 — One car rear-ended another on the highway in Victor. The driver was cited for following too closely.

6/12 — A caller reported that several people were staying at the Fox Creek public access area and that it “looked like a gypsy camp.” Deputies informed the campers that no overnight use was allowed in the area and they packed up to leave.

6/13 — There was a realty sign in the road in Tetonia. A deputy removed the sign.

6/13 — A man was parked on the side of the highway near 3000S and was viewing inappropriate materials. He was given a warning.

6/13 — More people attempted to set up camp at the Fox Creek access area and were told to leave.

6/13 — A deputy observed a car parked mostly in the road on Agate Avenue in Victor at 2:30 a.m. One occupant bolted when he approached. The driver was cited for DUI and the passenger for open container.

6/13 — A man was making customers and staff uncomfortable at Rise Coffee House. The sheriff and a deputy told him to leave the property because he was causing a disturbance and the sheriff patrolled the area that afternoon and the next day to make sure the man didn’t return.

6/13 — A Driggs resident reported hearing gunshots from a neighboring property. Deputies determined that the neighbor was using an appropriate backdrop for shooting.

6/13 — There was an injured owl in the Ace Hardware parking lot. Dispatch called Idaho Fish & Game.


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