There were 410 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between June 14 and June 20. Deputies performed 162 traffic stops, five public assists, and 57 security checks of local businesses. There were two accidents and two DUIs.

6/14 — A deputy pulled a man over for speeding and learned that he was rushing to help an acquaintance who he had heard was driving under the influence. The deputy followed him to locate the woman, who was taken into custody for DUI and transported to Madison County Jail.

6/14 — A housesitter was concerned about a strange vehicle parked in the driveway of the house she was watching. Dispatch determined that it was actually the owner’s vehicle, which had been dropped off by a friend.

6/14 — A caller reported that someone was setting off firecrackers in the Mike Harris Campground. Deputies were unable to locate anyone in the area playing with firecrackers.

6/15 — A Victor resident was pulled over for failing to signal, weaving in his lane, and crossing the center line. He failed field sobriety tests, was taken into custody, and refused to provide a breath sample. The sheriff’s office procured a warrant for a blood draw and took him to the hospital. He was then transported to Madison County Jail.

6/15 — Two extremely intoxicated men, a landlord and his tenant, got into a fight at Dave’s Pubb and one was asked to leave. When deputies arrived they separated the individuals and informed them that if there was another disturbance they would both go to jail.

6/15 — A man reported that his neighbor had threatened him with a gun in his face. Multiple units arrived and interviewed the involved parties. They determined that the man had been moving out of his apartment and went looking around the neighbor’s property for his missing ladder. The neighbor heard the commotion, came out, and told him he had a gun. The report was unfounded and the caller admitted to extreme intoxication. Neither party wanted to pursue the matter further.

6/15 — There was a one-vehicle accident in Alta on Ski Hill Road. Ambulances were dispatched to assist Teton County, Wyoming law enforcement.

6/15 — A caller reported that her son was driving under the influence. He was located and taken into custody. After he was released later that night, he began making suicidal threats. He agreed to go to the hospital for mental evaluation.

6/16 — At 2:30 a.m. Tetonia caller reported that her neighbor’s dogs had been barking all night. The dogs’ owner said he would bring the dogs inside to calm them down, because there may have been wildlife nearby that caused them to bark.

6/16 — A woman reported that her ex-husband was keeping her daughter from her and violating court orders. The case is currently under investigation for custodial interference.

6/16 — The manager of a storage facility said a unit had to be locked up because the tenant had failed to pay rent on it, and the lock had been cut. A special patrol was set up at the facility.

6/16 — There were multiple calls about a lightning strike near Spring Creek Canyon that was smoking. Dispatch informed the USFS and rangers advised they would observe the area for fire.

6/17 — A Driggs caller reported hearing intoxicated neighbors yelling very loudly. Deputies responded and determined it was only a verbal altercation. The individuals agreed to quiet down.

6/17 — There was a fender bender in the parking lot of Basin Burger. One driver was cited for failure to maintain liability insurance.

6/17 — An information report was taken about a private road sign that had gone missing a year ago. The sheriff’s office has no leads or suspects in the case at this time.

6/17 — A caller believed there was a house on fire in Tetonia, but it was actually a propane company flaring a tank.

6/18 — Someone broke into the coin machine and bill changer at the Victor laundromat and stole money. The theft is under investigation.

6/19 — The carbon monoxide detector was going off in a Driggs residence. Units determined it was just a low battery warning.

6/19 — A caller reported that an unknown person had come to his door while he was on vacation, which he learned from a notification from his security camera. Deputies made contact with a neighbor, who said the stranger was a worker from Fall River Electric.

6/19 — A man called 911 to report that two individuals were trying to get him into their van and he feared they wanted to harm him. Deputies located the suspects, who said the man was having a conversation with them in the van and then had jumped out while it was moving. There was insufficient evidence for an arrest, and a report was taken.

6/20 — A deputy removed a deceased raccoon from the highway.

6/20 — There was a complaint of a campsite on a private property with multiple RVs parked, which is illegal under county ordinance. A report was taken.

6/20 — Child Protective Services reported a sexual assault of a minor by a relative. The case is under investigation.

6/20 — A boy was walking down Highway 31. Deputies made contact and determined that his mother had made him walk home to calm down after an argument with a sibling. She came back to check on him.

6/20 — A caller complained of the smell of tires or garbage burning near the Driggs cemetery. Officers responded and smelled smoke but it seemed like a normal campfire.

6/20 — A caller reported seeing a stranger on the back porch of a Victor residence, but nothing was missing or broken in the home. The stranger left the property but the four deputies in the area were unable to locate the individual.

6/20 — An intoxicated man was walking down Center Street in Victor. The two women with him said they’d get him home safely, and deputies told him not to drive anywhere.


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