There were 476 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 5 and July 11. Deputies performed 183 traffic stops and 67 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents, three DUIs, and four reports of illegal fireworks.

7/5 — A Driggs caller reported that someone had destroyed several mailboxes on 5th Street some time during the previous night or early that morning. The vandalism is under investigation.

7/5 — A caller reported seeing someone walking near a Victor apartment complex. The person was actually a resident out for a stroll.

7/5 — There was a report from interagency dispatch of an individual claiming he would try to drink himself to death. His cell had last pinged from Tetonia before it was turned off, and dispatch alerted Teton County Wyoming law enforcement that he might also be at Reunion Flats. Idaho deputies were unable to locate him.

7/5 — A caller reported that mortars were being fire in a Driggs neighborhood. Deputies located the source and gave the culprits a verbal warning for illegal fireworks. They said they were done for the evening.

7/6 — There was a two vehicle head-on collision in Victor. No one sustained injuries and one car had to be removed from the highway.

7/6 — There was a report of a girl in a physical altercation with her parents. Deputies made contact with the involved parties, who admitted to fighting and agreed to pursue counseling services.

7/6 — A deputy observed a vehicle on the shoulder of Highway 33 outside of Tetonia. The occupant said there had been an accident and the other car left the scene. A report was taken.

7/6 — A kayak was stolen from a house on Main Street in Driggs. A report was taken.

7/6 — A caller reported an apparently intoxicated driver who was going northbound on Highway 32. The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office was alerted.

7/6 — A caller reported seeing two women drinking from shot glasses while driving through Tetonia. Deputies stopped the vehicle, observed no signs of intoxication, and gave the driver a verbal warning for failure to maintain lane.

7/6 — There was a two-vehicle accident in Victor when one driver left his lane and struck another car. During the investigation of the accident, deputies observed that the driver at fault was intoxicated. He was cited and released for second offense misdemeanor DUI.

7/6 — A man was arrested in Victor on a Teton County warrant for possession of material that is exploitative of a minor. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

7/6 — A Montana man was pulled over in Victor because the bike rack on his car obscured his license plate. He failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI. He later bonded out.

7/6 — There was a report of large illegal fireworks being shot off in Driggs. Deputies were responding to the DUI call so weren’t able to check on the fireworks until later in the evening, and were unable to locate the source.

7/7 — A caller reported that someone had hacked her email account and phone. She also requested a deputy because she thought someone had entered her home. A deputy checked the house and cleared the call.

7/7 — An individual was stopped in Tetonia by a woman who spoke no English but said “911, policia.” The sheriff located her and walked her back to her residence, where he spoke with her family to check on her well-being.

7/7 — Deputies responded to a hotel in Victor because a man had come in and started speaking in a hostile manner to employees there. He made a scene when he was asked to leave. The incident was documented.

7/7 — There was a report of a Toyota 4Runner swerving all over the highway in Tetonia. Deputies located the vehicle and observed no signs of intoxication, but advised the driver to fix his vehicle registration.

7/7 — Property owners in Tetonia reported that someone was staying in a camper in their field. Deputies made contact with neighbors, who said the property had been sold. It was determined that no one had trespassed on the property.

7/7 — An individual came into the sheriff’s office to report a car accident that had happened two days prior. TCSO took a delayed report for the damage.

7/7 — There was a report of a reckless driver outside of Victor. Deputies located and stopped the vehicle in downtown Victor. The driver, a Rexburg resident, was taken into custody for DUI and open container. He later bonded out.

7/8 — A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had taken her social security number and had attempted to use it fraudulently. She filled out a fraud packet to protect her identity.

7/10 — A man called about an altercation between he and his wife, said he would leave the house, and hung up on dispatch. Deputies responded to the address, but the man had already left. The woman was cited for misdemeanor domestic battery.

7/10 — A caller reported hearing five or six gunshots in Victor. Deputies responded and gave a verbal warning to individuals in the area who were lighting fireworks.

7/11 — A caller reported seeing a truck with smoking debris in its bed. The driver was en route to the transfer station. Fire units responded and extinguished the trash fire, and the transfer station staff was informed.

7/11 — A Tetonia farmer reported that an individual was farming on an empty lot he owned. Deputies made contact with the HOA and landowner, who said they would work it out civilly.

7/11 — An unattended vehicle rolled into another car in the parking lot next to Rise. The individuals traded insurance information.

7/11 — A caller reported that there were two boys laying near the roadway in downtown Driggs being splashed by puddle water as vehicles drove by. Deputies were unable to locate the hooligans, who may have gone back inside to play video games.

7/11 — Dispatch received several 911 calls from a large party of hikers on Table Rock. The calls were forwarded to Teton County Wyoming Search and Rescue. Later dispatch sent ambulances to the helipad in Driggs to assist with SAR’s helicopter rescue.

7/11 — There was a report of a cyclist who had crashed and sustained a head injury near the intersection of Pole Canyon and Highway 31. The cyclist was transported to the hospital.


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