There were 375 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 19 and July 25. Deputies performed 114 traffic stops, five public assists, and 53 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents and two DUIs.

7/19 — A cyclist was riding down the street next to the Victor City Park with no rear lights at midnight. A deputy assisted the cyclist with illumination.

7/19 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a parent at Teton Valley Resort because her children were inside a resort shower stall and were not responding to her. Deputies arrived, checked on the kids, and found that nothing suspicious was occurring.

7/19 — There was a serious propane leak from a tank in Driggs. Fall River Propane arrived and stopped the leak, and fire units confirmed that the residence was safe.

7/19 — Signs and property had been spray painted in Mountainside Village. The vandalism is under investigation.

7/19 — A caller reported a reckless driver in downtown Driggs. Deputies located the driver, a Victor resident, and cited him for excessive DUI. He later bonded out.

7/19 — There was a two-vehicle fender-bender on private property in Tetonia. A deputy helped the parties exchange insurance information.

7/19 — A driver in Victor was cited for driving without privileges.

7/19 — The driver who had been cited for excessive DUI earlier in the evening was found walking down Highway 33 barefoot. After leaving the sheriff’s office, he had gone to the Royal Wolf, where he had apparently been beaten up, although he couldn’t say who had done so. Deputies went to the bar to investigate but did not find any suspects, but they did find one of the man’s two missing dogs. The man and his dog were given a courtesy ride to his house. The other dog is still missing.

7/20 — Very early on Saturday morning, deputies returned to the Royal Wolf because several men were involved in a fight. An argument between a group had escalated and one man retrieved a BB pistol and threatened the other men. The group tackled him to get the firearm and one was grazed by a BB. Everyone involved had minor injuries but none needed medical care. The man with the BB pistol was taken into custody for aggravated assault. After reviewing video footage from the incident, the deputies determined that another man in the group had participated in the battery of the Victor man who had been taken into custody earlier in the evening. The sheriff’s office is still investigating to determine who the assailant was.

7/20 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in Victor. The car’s airbags deployed, one passenger was transported by ambulance to the hospital, and the car was towed.

7/20 — A woman reported that when she was at the Knotty Pine the previous night, a man told her she had hit his car. A deputy collected information and found the man’s story was inconsistent and appeared to be unfounded.

7/20 — A man reported that his wallet had been stolen from his car during Music On Main. The case is under investigation.

7/20 — Two juveniles at Mike Harris Campground were cited for underage consumption of alcohol. One was also cited for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

7/20 — A woman reported that her husband had come home intoxicated and aggressive and grabbed her son by the neck. He then left the house. Deputies arrived and provided her with information for the Family Safety Network, but she did not want to press charges.

7/21 — A concerned caller requested a welfare check on a toddler who was with her biological mother for the day. The child and woman were located at a Driggs bar. The child was healthy and in good spirits and the woman was not intoxicated, but her probation officer was informed of her whereabouts.

7/21 — A caller reported that her friend had made suicidal statements to her and then stopped responding to texts and phone calls. Deputies located the friend, who had signs of suicidal intentions. She was transported to the hospital voluntarily for a medical hold.

7/21 — A man was pulled over for speeding and taken into custody on a Gooding County warrant.

7/22 — The Department of Health and Welfare reported a possible case of sexual assault between siblings during a custody exchange. The case is under investigation.

7/22 — A woman reported that two individuals stole items from her while helping her move. The case is under investigation.

7/22 — Teton Valley Hospital reported a patient with a dog bite. The individual had been bitten while trying to break up a dog fight. The owner of the dog planned to have it put down.

7/23 — People set off aerial fireworks in Victor. Deputies patrolled the area but were unable to locate the source.

7/23 — Gunshots were heard in Tetonia but deputies were unable to locate the source.

7/24 — There was a report of intoxicated men being loud outside a Driggs apartment complex. Deputies located the men and advised them to be quiet.

7/24 — A woman reported that her neighbor’s dog had bitten her daughter earlier in the week. She hadn’t wanted to get law enforcement involved but she did want a record of the incident.

7/24 — A caller reported that the child she was babysitting was missing. She was concerned because a bear had recently been spotted in the area. She soon called back to say she had found the child on the porch of a vacant house nearby. A deputy responded just to make sure the child was fine.

7/24 — A passerby reported that two individuals had quickly hidden when seen at the Driggs City Plaza. Deputies located the kids, who were just playing in the area.

7/25 — There was a fender-bender in front of the Victor Emporium. A report was taken for the damage.

7/25 — A caller reported that campers at the old Badger Creek Campground were yelling and screaming at 10 p.m. Deputies made contact with the individuals and advised them of the complaint, but quiet hours didn’t go into effect until 11 p.m.

7/25 — A caller reported a reckless driver in Victor. Deputies located the car and pulled it over. The driver, a Driggs resident, failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI.

7/25 — Deputies provided back up for Idaho State Police on a traffic stop north of Victor.


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