There were 413 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 12 and July 18. Deputies performed 122 traffic stops and 71 security checks of local businesses. There were six accidents, two DUIs, and six reports of theft.

7/12 — A deputy observed a person outside of Big Hole BBQ after midnight. He made contact with the person and determined there was nothing suspicious happening.

7/12 — A caller reported at noon that there were two dogs in a parked vehicle outside the Pines Motel. The sheriff checked on the dogs and determined that they had water and open windows and that the car was parked in the shade.

7/12 — A woman reported that her ex-husband had been threatening her current boyfriend. Deputies made contact with all parties and determined that he had said nothing that constituted actual threats. The woman was advised to contact the Family Safety Network and look into a civil protection order.

7/12 — A caller reported a pick-up truck swerving through Victor. A deputy located the truck as it left a gas station, then pulled the driver over at Mike Harris Campground after he nearly drove off the highway. The driver was uncooperative and refused to take field sobriety tests. He said the deputy would have to take him “kicking and screaming,” and that he did not intend to go to court after he was released from custody; instead he would drive off into the hills of Oregon and grow marijuana. He was transported to Madison County Jail for excessive DUI, open container, possession of paraphernalia, and obstructing officers.

7/12 — A tree fell onto a power line north of Victor, causing it to spark. Fall River Electric was notified and crews removed the tree.

7/13 — A cyclist reported being run off Cemetery Road by a truck. The involved parties were handling the civil matter but they wanted the incident documented.

7/13 — A Victor caller reported hearing someone yelling in his neighborhood. The sheriff responded and discovered the yelling was coming from a parent dealing with children and that nothing was wrong.

7/13 — A couple was fighting in a Victor apartment complex. Deputies responded and determined it was a verbal altercation. The woman was given information for the Family Safety Network.

7/13 — A caller was concerned about an overdue party of hikers. Their vehicle was traced to the Table Rock trailhead and the information was collected and transferred to Teton County, Wyoming dispatch.

7/13 — As a group was trying to load a boat onto their trailer at the Cache Bridge, a man came up and started screaming at them. They said he appeared to be intoxicated. Deputies arrived and the involved parties agreed to leave each other alone.

7/14 — Parents reported that their juvenile daughter had possibly run away with her older sister. Deputies located them and determined they had been drinking. The older sister was trespassed from the residence and both girls were cited for underage consumption. The juvenile was returned to her parents.

7/14 — There was a vehicle vs. elk collision in Tetonia. A report was taken for the damage.

7/14 — A caller reported a lightning strike near the highway at Hatch’s Corner. Units arrived and were unable to locate a fire.

7/15 — A caller said that his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle while it was parked at a Victor brewery. There was no sign of forced entry and nothing else was missing. A report was taken for the theft.

7/15 — A man was taken into custody on a Teton County warrant for domestic battery and transported to Madison County Jail.

7/15 — A person called a local business and made threats against the owner of the company. A report was taken and the case is under investigation.

7/15 — A caller said he had been coming to the valley for Targhee Fest for several years and that his credit card had been fraudulently charged each time. He was given a fraud packet to fill out.

7/15 — Two containers of gas were stolen from a Tetonia home. The homeowner had a suspect in mind and was advised to fill out a written statement.

7/15 — A deputy assisted the probation officer with a house check. While doing so, he cited a second individual for underage consumption of alcohol.

7/16 — A caller reported that one of his employees had a vehicle parked at a Victor gas station when a fly rod was stolen out of the boat on the trailer. The theft is under investigation.

7/16 — A valley homeowner had read a Jackson news article about a man arrested for burglary and reported that he had done work for her two winters ago. She described possessions that had gone missing, and during a subsequent search of the man’s residence, those items were located.

7/16 — A woman wanted to trespass her husband, who had a history of mental health issues, from her property.

7/16 — A motorcycle parked in front of the Victor Valley Market was hit by a car. Deputies took a report.

7/16 — A woman reported that her boyfriend had locked her out of her house after a verbal altercation and continued to yell at her from inside the house. Deputies arrived and the couple agreed to separate for the evening.

7/17 — Units were dispatched to extinguish a fire south of Hatch’s Corner.

7/17 — A woman trespassed a man from her property while he was in jail for domestic battery.

7/17 — Items were shoplifted from Broulim’s. A report was taken.

7/17 — A caller reported that a man had driven his vehicle into a canal ditch southeast of Driggs. The man, a Rigby resident, left the scene. While deputies were investigating the accident, the man made contact with dispatch and said he was coming back to the scene. When he arrived, deputies observed that he appeared intoxicated. He failed field sobriety tests, but claimed he had wrecked because he was distracted by his GPS. He was taken into custody for felony DUI.

7/17 — A truck ran a stop sign on Stateline Road and t-boned a van on Ski Hill Road. No one sustained injuries and the driver of the truck was cited for failure to stop.

7/17 — A caller reported a possible drunk driver in Tetonia who was driving very slowly and swerving into oncoming traffic. Deputies located the driver, who did not appear to be intoxicated, but the passenger was cited for open container.

7/17 — Dispatch received several calls about deer near the highway in Victor, then received a call about a car vs. deer collision. A report was taken for the damage to the vehicle.

7/18 — Another fishing rod was taken from a parked boat. Deputies were advised by the owner of a possible suspect, located him, and asked him about the fishing rod. He admitted to the theft and returned to the rod, and the owner declined to press charges.

7/18 — A search warrant was issued for a Driggs residence and $3,000 of stolen property was recovered.

7/18 — Parents reported a five-year-old boy and a seven-year-old boy who had left their residence by bike. Deputies searched the area in Victor and located the boys at Music on Main. They were reunited with their parents.

7/18 — An intoxicated man and woman were reported near US Bank in Driggs. Deputies were unable to locate them.

7/18 — A traffic stop resulted in the driver being cited and released for open container.

7/18 — There was a report of kids knocking on doors in Victor and running away. Deputies were unable to locate the juveniles responsible for the pranks.


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