There were 281 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between January 10 and January 16. Deputies performed 58 traffic stops and 60 security checks of local businesses. There were 24 slide-offs, two ambulances dispatched to Grand Targhee, and three DUIs.

1/10 — A post office employee reported that an individual might be receiving narcotics in the mail. The caller did not have evidence but wanted the suspicion recorded.

1/10 — A man was pulled over near 5000S on Highway 33 because his vehicle didn’t have a front license plate. He was taken into custody for excessive DUI with a blood alcohol content of 0.30, having an open container, and having a license plate that wasn’t registered to the correct vehicle. He later bonded out.

1/10 — Shortly after that traffic stop, a caller reported a driver in the same area who was unable to maintain his lane. He was located and pulled over near 3000S and failed field sobriety tests. His breathalyzer test indicated his BAC was 0.26. He was taken into custody for excessive DUI and open container, was unable to secure a bond, and was transported to Madison County Jail.

1/10 — A caller reported that there was a woman parked in a car near the Family Dollar who was going in and out of consciousness. Deputies made contact with her but she declined an ambulance ride to the hospital.

1/11 — An intoxicated man called to request assistance with his vehicle, which he had stranded after a woman kicked him out of her residence. The woman called to report that the man had refused to leave her house and threatened her. She locked herself in her bedroom for safety. When deputies located the man, he admitted to driving while intoxicated and was taken into custody. The victim said he had thrown her to the ground, molested and struck her, and attempted to rape her. He was charged with attempted rape, battery with intent to commit a felony, and DUI, and was transported to Madison County Jail. The woman declined an ambulance ride to the hospital.

1/12 — A man reported that he and his wife had been fighting. Deputies arrived and determined there had been no physical altercation. The parties agreed to separate for the evening.

1/13 — There was a third-hand report of a domestic disturbance that had happened sometime in the past. Deputies spoke with the parties involved. The woman said her husband hadn’t made physical contact with her and that it was a verbal altercation. She was given information for the Family Safety Network and asked to contact FSN and the sheriff’s office if there was another incident.

1/13 — A caller reported that a neighbor had been driving erratically, possibly on a suspended license. Deputies were unable to locate him in the area but have been advised to be on the lookout.

1/13 — A deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked near the school buses in Sherman Park. He made contact with the two occupants and detected the odor of marijuana. One occupant refused to identify himself or leave the vehicle, so the deputy assisted him out of the car and detained him in handcuffs. He was cited and released for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia and given a warning for resisting and obstructing an officer.

1/13 — A driver was pulled over in downtown Driggs for failing to stop at a stop sign. He showed signs of impairment and failed field sobriety tests. It was his second offense excessive DUI. He couldn’t be transported to Madison County Jail because of road closures, so he was booked and released and a friend picked him up from the sheriff’s office.

1/14 — A caller reported that someone had issued a credit card in her name and used it at a Victor bank. The identity theft is currently under investigation.

1/14 — A dispatch operator observed on the sheriff’s office security cameras individuals who may have been fighting near the law enforcement building. One woman appeared to be on the ground in the snow. Deputies made contact with them and determined they were intoxicated and enjoying a friendly snow fight.

1/15 — A caller had slid off the road and damaged a plastic fence in Driggs, but could not locate the property owner. Deputies agreed to contact the owner with information on the incident.

1/15 — A caller reported that her roommate was threatening her ex. Units arrived and gave the roommate a courtesy ride elsewhere because the woman wanted him to leave. They arranged for a civil standby for him to pick up his possessions at a later time.

1/16 — A caller reported that he had hit a bald eagle in Tetonia and didn’t know if the bird was injured or deceased. Idaho Fish & Game was notified.

1/16 — A man who was being interviewed by another agency at the law enforcement building made suicidal statements. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation, then referred to the Behavioral Health Center and transported to EIRMC.

1/16 — A caller reported that a neighbor had been harassing her in an ongoing dispute. Deputies were unable to locate the neighbor at that time but made plans to follow up later.

1/16 — A caller reported that an individual was walking down the highway in Tetonia. He was given a courtesy ride to his apartment.

1/16 — An employer requested a welfare check on an individual when he didn’t come in to work. The man was located at his residence, deceased. The cause of death is being investigated but appears to have been suicide. The next of kin has been notified. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, please call 211 then press three when prompted. The Idaho suicide hotline is staffed around the clock with people specially trained to detect certain warning signs in callers. Local crisis resources include the Mental Health Coalition, Teton Valley Health, Family Safety Network, the Community Resource Center, and the sheriff’s office.


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