There were 330 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Dec. 28 and Jan. 3. Deputies performed 43 security checks of local businesses and 148 traffic stops. There were five accidents, eleven slide-offs, three DUIs, and three ambulances dispatched to Grand Targhee Resort.

12/28 — There was a vehicle with its hazards on parked on the side of the road in Driggs. A deputy checked on it, but it was unoccupied.

12/28 — Three snowmobilers were lost up Pole Canyon, but while dispatch was collecting information to convey to Teton County Search & Rescue, the sledders arrived at the trailhead and the SAR call was cancelled.

12/28 — Deputies discovered a man sleeping in his car in the Broulim’s parking lot. There was an open container in the vehicle. The man admitted that he had driven while intoxicated and was taken into custody for DUI.

12/29 — There were five traffic stops within thirty minutes on N2500E, also known as Hastings Lane. Deputies frequently patrol the road during ski season to enforce the speed limit.

12/29 — A car was parked on the side of the road with its brights on and pointing into oncoming traffic. A deputy made contact and told the driver to turn the lights off.

12/30 — A deputy made contact with occupants in a parked car in Driggs. He observed that one occupant seemed to be intoxicated and gave everyone field sobriety tests. One woman was cited for providing alcohol to a minor and for open container, one minor was cited for possession of alcohol, and the other passenger was also cited for open container.

12/31 — There were multiple calls about a deer that had been hit on Ski Hill Road. Deputies located and dispatched the injured deer.

12/31 — A Victor caller complained about a dog and a cat fighting. Deputies responded and while investigating the animal complaint they encountered a woman who had a warrant out in Bonneville County. She was taken into custody and transported to Madison County Jail. The pets’ owners agreed to handle the incident civilly.

12/31 — A caller reported losing a dark-colored tote bag with ice fishing gear somewhere on Highway 33 and wanted to be informed if the bag was found.

12/31 — SAR responded to a call from four snowmobilers who were stranded in a ravine in the east Garns Mountain area. Madison County SAR also responded and located the individuals with help from TCSAR crew members.

12/31 — A woman reported a battery that had occurred the previous Sunday in Alta. She said she had reported it to Teton County, Wyoming law enforcement but wanted it recorded in Idaho too. She was given information for the Family Safety Network.

12/31 — A Driggs caller reported hearing what sounded like gunshots near the soccer field at the elementary school at 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Deputies spoke with bystanders, all of whom said it had sounded more like firecrackers than gunshots.

1/1 — A deputy made contact with a man in a parked car that was idling in Victor. The officer found marijuana, paraphernalia, and an open container in the car and took the occupant into custody. He was later given a courtesy ride home.

1/1 — A deputy made contact with two people in a car parked on a dead end road in Victor. Both admitted to smoking marijuana. An adult man was cited for possession and released and a juvenile female was cited and given a courtesy ride home.

1/1 — At 5 a.m. a deputy checked on a car that was parked and running in the southbound lane of Highway 33 north of Driggs. The driver was asleep at the wheel. The vehicle was towed and the driver was taken into custody, fingerprinted, cited for DUI, and given a courtesy ride home.

1/1 — A woman called to say that she had hit a deer on Highway 32. A report was taken for damage to the vehicle, which was a rental.

1/2 — There was a fender bender at Kearsley’s Corner in Victor. Both drivers met at the sheriff’s office and exchanged insurance information.

1/3 — One car backed into the wheel well of another on Main Street in Driggs. A report was taken and one driver received a verbal warning for unsafe reversing.

1/3 — SAR responded to a call from a stranded snowmobiler in the Big Holes. They were able to locate and rescue him.

1/3 — There was a vehicle vs. elk accident in Tetonia. The car was towed and a report was taken.


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