In the year of 2019, there were 16,414 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office. There were 198 accidents and a record-breaking 97 DUIs, up from 77 in 2018. Deputies performed 5,120 traffic stops and 270 public assists, responded to 40 domestic disturbance calls, and wrote 47 citations for possession of a controlled substance. Teton County Fire & Rescue responded to 100 fire calls and 218 requests for an ambulance. 

12/27 — An item that had been ordered through the mail had not reached its destination. The item, a cylinder head, later appeared on eBay. The victim needed a theft report from the sheriff’s office in order for eBay to shut down the online sale.

12/27 — A wallet was found outside of Forage and turned in to the sheriff’s office.

12/27 — A driver was pulled over in Driggs for having a burned out taillight. There was a marijuana pipe in plain view in the car. The driver admitted to smoking and failed field sobriety tests. She was cited for driving under the influence of drugs and for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

12/28 — A caller reported that neighbors had been stealing firewood. Between one and two cords had been stolen and burned in a bonfire, and only half a cord remained. The guilty parties, three juveniles and two adults, were issued citations for petty theft.

12/28 — A caller reported that his ex-girlfriend was in town to retrieve some of her belongings and had brought two men along as “muscle.” She contacted him while intoxicated and threatened to kill him. He was concerned she might be in violation of her probation. A deputy later pulled over one of the men who was traveling with the girlfriend for reckless driving in the Super 8 parking lot and he was transported to Madison County Jail for DUI. The woman was then located at the hotel. She was found to have a felony warrant out for her arrest in Colorado, so she too was transported to Madison County Jail to await extradition.

12/28 — There was a vehicle vs. moose collision on Highway 31. Units were unable to respond immediately because they were dealing with the prior calls, but a report was taken for damage to the vehicle.

12/28 — Parents called to report that their daughter was yelling and screaming and was being uncooperative. She calmed down when she learned her parents were on the phone with the sheriff’s office. The parents are looking into resources in Jackson for trouble youths.

12/29 — There was a third-party report of a couple fighting. Deputies arrived and determined there had been no physical altercation.

12/29 — An Oklahoma man was pulled over in Driggs for having the bed lights in his truck on. The deputy observed the odor of alcohol in the vehicle, and the man was driving on a suspended license for an Oklahoma DUI. He was taken into custody for second offense DUI and driving on a suspended license and was transported to Madison County Jail.

12/30 — A woman reported that she had concerns and fears about her boyfriend, who was trying to stop her from leaving her home with her children. Deputies responded and determined there had been no physical altercation. The couple was separated for the night and the woman received assistance through the Family Safety Network.

12/30 — There was a report of a driver dangerously passing a school bus in Alta. The call was forwarded to Teton County, Wyoming dispatch.

12/30 — A caller west of Victor reported seeing a bear cub in a tree in the backyard. Deputies responded and stayed on the scene until Idaho Fish & Game units arrived and relocated the cub.

12/30 — A person attempted to enter the Forest Service office in Driggs when it was closed and locked.

12/30 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision on Ski Hill Road. A report was taken for the damage.

12/30 — A caller reported seeing an intoxicated person on a bike in Driggs. Deputies were unable to locate the individual.

12/30 — A vehicle collision notification system alerted dispatch of a possible crash. Dispatch contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, who said everything was fine and that the alert had been a false alarm.

12/31 — A deputy observed an individual walking down Crystal Avenue in Victor at 6:30 p.m. He said he was returning to retrieve his vehicle, which was stuck in the snow, and declined a courtesy ride.

12/31 — A driver was pulled over in downtown Driggs for failing to maintain lanes and crossing the center line. He was taken into custody for driving under the influence of drugs and having an open container. A white crystalline substance was located in his car and tested positive for methamphetamine, and he was transported to Madison County Jail for felony drug possession.

1/1 — In the first call of 2020, a deputy made contact with some people out and about in Driggs and determined they were safely returning home from New Year’s Eve festivities.

1/1 — A driver was pulled over in Driggs for speeding. The deputy observed the odor of alcohol. The driver, a Kansas man, consented to a vehicle search and the deputy located marijuana and paraphernalia in the vehicle and on the man’s person. He was cited and released for possession.

1/1 — A woman reported that her husband had grabbed her throat during an argument. Deputies investigated the case and determined there were no signs of such an act. The man said his wife had become upset and started punching him and that she was very intoxicated. She was given a citation for misdemeanor domestic battery and transported to a hotel for the night.

1/1 — A driver was pulled over in Victor for having a headlight out. He was driving on a suspended license because of a DUI. He was cited for driving without privileges.

1/2 — There was a fender-bender at the Driggs post office. The drivers agreed to work out the matter between themselves.

1/2 — A carbon monoxide detector went off in a Driggs residence. Fire units responded and determined it was a false alarm.

1/2 — A caller said that his car had broken down so he parked it off 5000S. When he returned to retrieve it a few days later, he found that it had been damaged. A report was taken.


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