There were 257 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between February 7 and February 13. Deputies performed 55 traffic stops, 56 security checks of local businesses, and four public assists. There were zero DUIs, five slide-offs, and no accidents. 

2/7 — A caller reported that a person had left his dog in the care of co-workers while he was out of town but that he didn’t notify them. The dog was taken to the animal shelter.

2/7 — Madison County deputies requested assistance from Teton County in finding a driver who had been involved in a hit-and-run. A possible driver was located based on the reported license plate number, but turned out not to be the right person.

2/7 — A juvenile was voluntarily taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation after making suicidal statements. He was later released to his parents.

2/8 — A caller reported smelling an electrical fire at the Driggs Senior Center. Units responded and did not locate anything of concern.

2/8 — A driver was pulled over in Driggs and his vehicle was searched. He was cited for possession of paraphernalia and given a warning for reckless driving.

2/9 — A snowmobiler in the South Leigh area sustained a slight concussion and a possible punctured lung after a head-on collision with another rider. He was airlifted out of the canyon by Air Idaho.

2/10 — A fraud packet was given to a woman because she suspected her identity had been stolen. She alerted her credit card companies and bank of the possible fraud.

2/10 — A caller reported overhearing someone on the bus talking about buying The Anarchist’s Cookbook and learning how to make bombs. The sheriff’s office contacted the employee’s HR department and determined no threats had been made to persons or property. The FBI office in Salt Lake City was informed as a precautionary measure.

2/11 — The hospital requested a welfare check on an elderly patient who had missed his appointment. Deputies visited him and determined he had just forgotten about it.

2/11 — Teton County, Wyoming, informed TCSO of a sexual assault case that had happened a decade ago in Teton Valley.

2/11 — A caller reported that she had lost her wallet in Victor.

2/12 — A property manager requested that an individual be served a trespass notice as the person was moving out of an apartment.

2/12 — A caller reported that someone had opened an account in his name and purchased an Apple Watch and iPhone. According to the tracking number, the items were delivered to the Super 8 in Driggs. The theft is under investigation.

2/12 — Multiple drivers passed a stopped school bus on Highway 33 near the Spud. TCSO is collecting license plate information from the bus camera and will be giving out stop arm violation citations to the offending parties.

2/12 — A man reported that while he was in court his phone was stolen out of his pocket.

2/12 — Two young women stole a full cart of groceries from Broulim’s. Deputies reviewed security camera footage to find the suspects and gave out a juvenile notice and a trespass notice.

2/12 — A caller reported seeing someone walking down Highway 33 near Creekside Meadows. Deputies were unable to locate anyone on the road.

2/13 — A driver was pulled over in Victor and passed field sobriety tests. He was cited for having an open container in the vehicle and was given a verbal warning for having an expired registration.

2/13 — The City of Driggs informed TCSO that a snow plow had broken down in the road on 4th Street and could not be removed until the following morning.

2/13 — A caller reported losing her gun. As dispatch began to fill out a theft report, she called back to say she had found it.


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