There were 259 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between January 24 and January 30. Deputies performed 62 traffic stops and 66 security checks of local businesses. There were four DUIs, four slide-offs, and one accident.

1/24 — A caller reported seeing a suspicious person walking near the courthouse at 1:30 a.m. Deputy made contact with the person, who was walking home from the bar.

1/24 — The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office informed TCSO of a report from a Fremont resident about an incident that had occurred in Driggs when an intoxicated individual battered a juvenile male. Deputies took the report, contacted Child Protective Services, and worked with agencies to investigate the battery. The suspect was located and cited for injury to child.

1/24 — Adult Protective Services requested a welfare check on a valley resident after hearing that his water and electricity had been turned off. Deputies made contact with the individual and determined he still had all utility services.

1/24 — A caller reported a reckless driver who was unable to maintain lanes on Ski Hill Road. The driver parked at Broulim’s and a deputy located the vehicle. He observed the man and two children get into the car and then saw proof of reckless driving. After pulling the driver over, the deputy detected the odor of alcohol. The driver failed field sobriety tests and refused to give a breath sample, so he was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. The children were released to a family friend. The man was cited for DUI, open container, and injury to child and was transported to Madison County Jail.

1/24 — A caller reported that her neighbor’s dogs had gotten loose and that she was concerned about the health of one of them because it was very thin. A deputy made contact with the owner, who said the dogs had been fighting over food and the skinny one hadn’t been able to eat as much. The deputy advised the owner to separate the dogs while they are eating, and said officers would check back in on the dogs’ health at a later time.

1/24 — A caller reported that she had met an individual in Victor to test drive a car he was selling. She left her car at the gas station while taking the test drive, but the car’s engine began to smoke. She returned to inform the seller she wouldn’t be purchasing the car, but he had left, and the $3,000 she had brought to buy the car was missing. The theft is under investigation and the sheriff’s office is attempting to identify the suspect.

1/25 — Dispatch received a 911 call requesting that a deputy respond to Grand Targhee and forwarded the call to Teton County, Wyoming.

1/25 — A driver was pulled over in Tetonia for failing to use his turn signal and failing to maintain lanes. He failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit. He was charged with DUI and driving without a license. The vehicle was towed and the passenger was given a courtesy ride home. The driver later bonded out.

1/26 — There was a report of a loose horse near the intersection of Highway 33 and Packsaddle Road. The owner was notified.

1/26 — A caller reported that a highly intoxicated man had come into the West Side Yard bragging about how much he’d had to drink before driving to the bar. Deputies located him and he told them he would be walking home.

1/26 — There were several reports about someone being choked at the Royal Wolf. The suspect fled but deputies located him hiding behind stairs at a nearby apartment. He was taken into custody for battery.

1/27 — A driver ran a stop sign at 7:30 a.m. in Driggs and was pulled over. He failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit. The deputy located marijuana in the vehicle. The man was taken into custody for DUI and possession of a controlled substance.

1/27 — A deputy recognized a woman who had warrants out for her arrest and followed her to the Broulim’s parking lot. She was taken into custody on a Bonneville County and a Teton County warrant, which was for failure to appear after open container charges.

1/27 — Idaho Health & Welfare made a report to TCSO about an assault on a juvenile female that had occurred two years ago. The case is currently under investigation.

1/28 — A caller reported that her daughter had texted her about taking an entire bottle of pills as well as other drugs. She was located and taken to the hospital and her child was released to the custody of the grandparents.

1/29 — During a routine security check, a deputy observed a vehicle parked at Sherman Park. The occupant said he was just passing through the area and needed a place to sleep for the night. The deputy ran his plates and determined he was a registered sex offender out of New Hampshire. When the sheriff checked on him the next day, he advised the man of the notice requirements for offenders in Idaho. The man said he was leaving town.

1/29 — A driver was pulled over in downtown Driggs for having a headlight out. The deputy detected the odor of alcohol in the car. The driver failed field sobriety tests, blew over the legal limit, and was taken into custody. He later bonded out.

1/30 — There was a report of a semi truck and trailer that had damaged the culvert outside of Huntsman Springs. Information was collected and dispatch informed the Teton County Road and Bridge department about the damage.

1/30 — A caller reported that someone had taken a beverage without paying for it at the Victor gas station. The security camera footage is being reviewed.

1/30 — A juvenile female ran away from home after being suspended from school. She was later located after contacting her boyfriend. She was returned to her parents’ custody.

1/30 — A juvenile male didn’t come home when he was expected. While deputies were looking for him, he returned home.

1/30 — Hospital staff contacted TCSO because a mother had come in with an infant suffering from seizures. The mother was acting unusual, particularly when asked about the child’s health history or her history of drug usage. The baby showed signs of possibly being exposed to drug use. Child Protective Services were notified. While deputies investigated the matter, the mother said she had to go home briefly to clean up, and did not return immediately. The baby was put into protective custody. Deputies received permission from the other resident of the mother’s house to search her room, where they located controlled substances. She has not yet been located, and TCSO is seeking a warrant for her arrest.


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