There were 217 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between November 29 and December 5. Deputies performed 44 traffic stops and 25 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents, six slide-offs, and one DUI.

11/29 — A Victor caller reported hearing people yelling and screaming in a neighboring apartment. Deputies responded, spoke to all involved parties, and determined it was a verbal altercation. The male occupant agreed to leave the apartment for the day.

11/29 — A caller reported that her friend whom she had asked to dogsit had left the dog unattended for 48 hours to travel to a concert. The caller asked if there was any legal action she could take, and was advised that it had to be worked out between parties as a civil action.

11/30 — An HVAC technician located a friendly cat in the crawlspace of a building in Driggs. A deputy volunteered to transfer the cat to the animal shelter.

11/30 — A woman reported having a heated argument with her husband. There was no physical altercation. She was given information for the Family Safety Network. 11/30 — A caller reported a reckless driver on Ski Hill Road and followed the driver until he parked and stepped out of his car. Because there was a witness who identified him as the driver, deputies were able to take him into custody for DUI.

11/30 — There was a fight between two intoxicated men at O’Rourkes. Neither party wanted to pursue charges. Later, a friend who dropped one of the brawlers off at his house reported that he had made suicidal statements. Deputies transported him to the hospital for evaluation, and he was then taken into custody for disturbing the peace and transported to Madison County Jail.

12/1 — A caller reported that a shovel had flown out of the back of a vehicle onto Highway 33. A deputy located and removed the shovel from the road.

12/2 — A caller wanted to report a no contact order violation because the man with an NCO had apparently contacted a member of her family. Deputies spoke with the family member, who said that no violation had occurred.

12/2 — A dog in Tetonia attacked neighboring chickens. Deputies were unable to locate the owner, but possible charges are pending.

12/2 — A deputy observed a two-vehicle accident near 7000S. There were no injuries and minor damage to the cars.

12/2 — A caller said she was feeling suicidal and requested assistance. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

12/3 — A deputy made contact with the occupant of a suspicious vehicle at the Big Eddy parking lot. The occupant consented to a vehicle search. The deputy located marijuana and paraphernalia and cited the occupant for possession.

12/3 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a six-year-old boy who said he had been left home alone. Deputies went to the house and spoke with the boy’s father, who said both parents had been asleep when the boy made the 911 call.

12/3 — There was a customer at a Driggs bank who became belligerent when the tellers couldn’t cash a check for him because he didn’t have an account there. When he returned and again made a scene, he was trespassed from the property.

12/3 — A Victor caller reported hearing gunshots near Agate Avenue. Deputies responded and located an individual setting off fireworks nearby.

12/4 — A man turned himself in to the sheriff’s office on a Teton County warrant for probation violation after originally being charged for marijuana possession.

12/4 — There was a two-vehicle accident on 2000S. One driver was cited for driving too fast for the conditions.

12/4 — A caller reported seeing someone dumping garbage off the side of 1000W in Victor. Deputies were unable to locate any garbage in the area.

12/4 — There was a fender-bender in downtown Driggs. One driver was cited for driving too fast for the conditions.

12/4 — A customer at the Knotty Pine had a seizure and was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

12/4 — A juvenile girl was caught sneaking out of her house to meet with a boy. The parents wanted deputies to talk to the boy, but they were given information on getting a civil protection order.

12/5 — A dog bit a man who was walking down the sidewalk in Driggs. A deputy found the dog and then had to tase it when it attacked him. The dog was taken to the animal shelter for treatment and the owner was cited for vicious dog.

12/5 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in front of Creekside Meadows. Deputies were unable to locate the injured deer.

12/5 — A Tetonia caller reported seeing footprints going to an open door at an abandoned house. Deputies investigated the area and found no evidence of suspicious activities.

12/5 — There was a delayed report of one coworker holding a knife to another’s neck at a Victor bar. Deputies located both parties, interviewed them, and determined that more investigation is necessary for possible aggravated assault charges.


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