There were 339 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Aug. 9 and Aug. 15. Deputies performed 89 traffic stops and 56 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents and one DUI.

8/9 — A Driggs resident reported that her daughter was missing. Deputies responded to search the area, and found that the child was visiting with horses in a neighboring field.

8/9 — Two Subarus had a fender-bender on Ski Hill Road. The drivers exchanged insurance information.

8/9 — Wyoming Highway Patrol advised Teton County, Idaho dispatch that they were on the lookout for a red Subaru that had crossed the state line. The driver had a warrant out of Bannock County for traffic violations. Deputies were unable to locate the Subaru.

8/10 — A foreign tourist reported being sexually assaulted when she hitchhiked from Jackson to Victor. She did not return to the sheriff’s office for a follow up interview with a translator because she had returned to her country.

8/10 — A vehicle was rear-ended at the Bates Bridge.

8/10 — A caller reported a drunk driver on Highway 33. Deputies located and pulled over the vehicle north of Victor and cited the driver, an Oregon man, for DUI. Controlled substances were also located in his vehicle, but he said those were his wife’s. A little later, she left their house and made threats of self harm. Search & Rescue units searched the area but did not locate her. She returned to her house at 2 a.m. and deputies checked on her well-being later that morning.

8/11 — Children with a deactivated cell phone called 911 four times. Dispatch heard people talking in the background but detected no sounds of distress. Deputies later went to the area to double check and determined that a party was happening. The sheriff’s office would like to remind citizens that even deactivated cell phones can call 911, so please be careful when letting children play with them.

8/12 — A caller reported that she felt threatened by a family member and she wanted it documented. She was given information on how to pursue a protection order or a trespass notice.

8/12 — There was a report of a smoking carbon dioxide tank at Grand Teton Brewing Company. The building was evacuated and fire units responded to deal with the issue.

8/13 — A caller reported evidence of ongoing suspicious activity at his house, including someone stealing gas from him. He put a trail camera on his property and the case is under investigation.

8/13 — A Wyoming man with a history of mental health issues was found sleeping near the restrooms at the Driggs City Center. He was asked to leave. He was later caught stealing items from Broulim’s and was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/14 — There was a report of the theft of prescription medication. The case is under investigation.

8/14 — The Eastern Idaho Fire Center reported that a helicopter pilot had seen smoke in Tetonia from a nearby peak. The center wanted to know if any controlled agriculture fires had been called in. Dispatch had received no reports of a fire in Tetonia.

8/14 — A caller reported seeing two kids breaking into the Victor Elementary School. Deputies spoke with the kids’ parents, who said the boys will write a formal apology and perform community service.

8/14 — A black Pathfinder rolled off Highway 33 into a front yard near Connie’s Pond. The driver sustained minor head and arm injuries and the vehicle was towed.

8/15 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident west of Tetonia. A report was taken.

8/15 — There was a second vehicle vs. deer accident in the same area less than two hours later.

8/15 — A dog attacked another dog in Victor while the owner was walking by the house. The owner wanted a record taken of the incident but did not want to press charges.

8/15 — A deputy found a four-year-old girl lost at Music on Main. She was returned to her parents.

8/15 — A Victor traffic stop netted a citation for possession of paraphernalia.

8/15 — A caller reported that her husband was intoxicated and fighting with her. Deputies responded and determined the altercation was not physical. The wife was given information for the Family Safety Network and the couple agreed to keep the peace. She later called again, but the husband was uncooperative and refused entry to deputies.

8/15 — A parent called because her daughter decided to walk from 3000S to the Royal Wolf. The daughter was in her early fifties and not on probation, so deputies did not respond to the call.


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