There were 373 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Aug. 2 and Aug. 8. Deputies performed 132 traffic stops, five public assists, and 49 security checks of local businesses. There were six accidents and three DUIs.

8/2 — A Victor resident reported hearing lots of footsteps and vehicular activity in the neighborhood after midnight and requested that a deputy respond. The deputy located five intoxicated individuals walking to their friend’s house and advised them of the noise complaint.

8/2 — A caller reported seeing an empty car that was high-centered on the shoulder of Old Jackson Highway. It appeared to have also run over some small trees. Another caller reported hearing someone calling for help while she was walking down the road. She assisted deputies in locating the person, who had been a passenger in the vehicle. He had gotten a ride home from Music on Main but when the driver went off the road, the passenger tried to walk home but became stuck in mud and brush. He was extremely intoxicated. EMS transported him to Teton Valley Hospital as a precaution. The driver had apparently caught a ride back to Jackson. The sheriff’s office commends the reporting party for going above and beyond in helping deputies locate and extract the passenger.

8/2 — A caller reported that her bank had advised her one of her credit cards was compromised. The bank reimbursed her the funds and canceled the card and she was given a fraud packet to fill out.

8/2 — A deputy’s vehicle was rear-ended at the stoplight in Victor. The driver who caused the damage was cited for following too closely.

8/2 — A caller contacted the Victor fire station to report smoke. Units responded to the site, and the contractor who was managing a controlled burn was advised for the second time on how to get a burn permit and how to call it in prior to burning.

8/3 — A Felt resident was pulled over in Tetonia for having a broken taillight. He seemed impaired and failed field sobriety tests. He was transported to Madison County for DUI.

8/3 — There was a fender-bender on Main Street in Driggs. One driver was cited for following too closely.

8/3 — There was a report of a father and daughter yelling at each other in Tetonia. Deputies responded but neither wanted to press charges against the other.

8/3 — A caller reported a vehicle swerving and speeding on the highway. Deputies located and stopped the vehicle after the driver failed to indicate before a turn in downtown Driggs. He was taken into custody for DUI.

8/3 — A Broulim’s employee reported that a woman was believed to be distributing alcohol to minors in the parking lot. The case is under investigation.

8/3 — A traffic stop on Bates Road resulted in a man being cited and released for open container. He did not show any signs of impairment.

8/4 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a person on Highway 89 south of Jackson. Information was taken and transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

8/4 — A caller reported that her daughter had been receiving threats from an individual whose no contact order had recently expired. The matter is under investigation.

8/4 — Two individuals were observed yelling at each other on Cedron Road. Deputies made contact with them and determined there was no physical altercation. The couple agreed to separate for the evening. The woman said she would sleep in her vehicle and she was given information for the Family Safety Network.

8/4 — A Teton County, Wyoming deputy advised the sheriff’s office that during a traffic stop on Highway 22, the driver admitted to having controlled substances at his residence in Victor. Idaho deputies responded to the cabin and cited the man for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

8/5 — A man reported receiving threatening texts and phone calls from a person who worked for him at a construction site. Deputies made contact with all involved parties and confirmed that no harm would occur.

8/5 — A deputy observed a person walking in downtown Driggs carrying an armful of laundry from the laundromat.

8/6 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident south of Victor.

8/6 — A Driggs resident was bitten by a small dog. He said he did not want to cite the owner, but the owner was given a warning for dog at large and the dog’s vaccination records were confirmed.

8/6 — A caller reported a reckless driver in Victor. Deputies located the vehicle and made a traffic stop. The driver, a Montana resident, consented to a search and deputies found controlled substances in the car. The man was also cited for driving on a suspended license. His vehicle was towed.

8/6 — A man came to the sheriff’s office to report that a woman had threatened to “send someone over to beat him up” for spreading rumors that she was selling drugs. The case is under investigation.

8/6 — There were several reports of a vehicle vs. deer accident near Moose Creek. The deer was removed from the roadway and a report was taken for the damage to the car.

8/7 — A woman reported that her daughter had been bitten in the leg by a dog while she was riding her bike through their neighborhood. The caller said she would handled the incident with the dog’s owner, and the dog’s owner later brought in the dog’s vaccination records to the sheriff’s office.

8/7 — A driver was pulled over south of Driggs for having a headlight out. The deputy detected the odor of marijuana coming from the car. The driver consented to a search and the deputy found controlled substances and paraphernalia, and the driver was cited for possession.

8/8 — There was a report of two hay bales in the highway in Tetonia. A deputy removed the bales.

8/8 — During a traffic stop in Victor, the driver, a Montana resident, refused all field sobriety tests. While deputies attempted to transport him to the hospital for a blood draw, he became uncooperative and began resisting arrest in the back of the patrol car by sticking his leg out the door. One deputy injured his hand while attempting to put the man’s leg back in the car. While deputies tried to restrain him, he bit another’s hand and made multiple threats. He was charged with two counts of battery to a police officer as well as resisting and obstructing an officer and DUI, his second since June. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/8 — A caller reported that an alarm was going off in a vehicle parked at Fitzgerald’s Bicycles and that the only occupant in the vehicle was a dog. Dispatch determined that the car’s owner was at Music on Main.

8/8 — There was a report of eight to twelve horses loose near Cedron Road. Deputies were unable to locate the horses.


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