There were 294 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Aug. 18 and Aug. 24. Deputies performed 24 security checks of local businesses and 53 traffic stops. There were six accidents and two DUI.

8/19 – A Driggs resident called the sheriff’s office because he had been hospitalized after an accident in Jackson and was concerned that he had left the oven on in his house. A deputy checked on the house and turned the oven off.

8/19 – A vehicle went off the road near Valley Lumber because the driver was trying to switch with a passenger while on the highway. The driver blew a .206 and was taken into custody for DUI.

8/19 – A caller advised that he heard arguing and glass shattering from next door. Deputies responded and determined a couple had gotten into a fight and the girlfriend broke many pieces of glassware. She was issued a no contact order. The boyfriend was also cited for possession of a controlled substance.

8/20 – A man informed the sheriff’s office that he had loaned his girlfriend his vehicle for two weeks but that she was now in California and it had been two months. The sheriff’s office put out an “Attempt to Locate” on the vehicle.

8/21 – A dog bit a neighbor. The victim went to the hospital but did not want a citation issued. Regardless, the owner was cited for vicious dog.

8/21 – There was an accident near Butler Lane on Highway 33. An older gentleman had become drowsy while waiting on roadwork then fell asleep while he was following the pilot car. His vehicle flipped onto its side. Two other drivers called 911 about the crash while dispatch was on the phone with the victim.

8/21 – A Fed Ex truck rolled over in Tetonia because the freshly fog sealed road was wet from rain. The driver sustained no injuries.

8/21 – A man who had recently moved here was walking home from work in Victor late at night and couldn’t remember exactly where he lived off 7000S. He was given a courtesy ride home.

8/22 – Deputies helped push an RV out of the middle of the intersection of Main and Little in Driggs.

8/22 – A caller reported that someone had backed into a fire hydrant in Driggs and water was blowing 20 feet in the air. The Driggs public works department was actually blowing out its hydrants.

8/23 – A Tetonia caller reported a stolen ’97 Yukon SUV. It was determined to be one of the abandoned vehicles that officers had ticketed on the south end of the valley.

8/23 – A deputy checked on a vehicle pulled off the highway north of Driggs and found a mother and son catching Pokemon near the Teton Valley Museum.

8/23 – A deputy checked on a vehicle pulled off the highway in Victor and found a woman was throwing up on the side of the road. She had caught a bug while visiting the valley.

8/23 – A caller off Old Jackson Highway reported a suspicious vehicle on Moose Creek Road. Deputies found the car parked in the middle of the gravel road with a fictitious license plate that was actually a trailer plate. The occupant had a warrant out of Jefferson County so he was transported to jail. He was also cited for the fake plate, DUI, open container, and driving without privileges.

8/24 – There was a fender bender at the traffic light in Driggs. No one was injured.

8/24 – A Brookside resident observed a man sleeping in a hammock in the neighborhood park. The man was gone by the time deputies arrived.


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