There were 359 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 26 and Aug. 1. Deputies performed 108 traffic stops, five public assists, and 58 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and three DUIs.

7/26 — A caller reported seeing a structure on fire on 4th Street in Driggs. A deputy determined it was actually a small controlled burn with an individual tending it. Fire units were called off the scene.

7/26 — There was a report of a man yelling near a Victor residence. Deputies located the intoxicated man, who said he was heading home from a party in the area. He was given a courtesy ride to his residence.

7/26 — Soon thereafter, another intoxicated man was found walking down Highway 33 near 7000S at 3 a.m. He was presumed to have come from the same party and was also given a courtesy ride home.

7/26 — There was a report of a third intoxicated man walking in the same area. Deputies could not locate him and no courtesy ride was given.

7/26 — There was a single vehicle rollover at the intersection of Baseline and Highway 33 in Victor. Both occupants were transported to the hospital and the car was towed.

7/26 — A deputy observed two vehicles pulled off the highway near 4000S and spoke with the occupants. He determined that one driver had been following the other too closely and the lead vehicle pulled over. A verbal altercation had ensued. Both men refused to sign a citation against the other and the matter was resolved.

7/27 — A participant at the Ragnar Relay at Grand Targhee suffered a seizure and was transported by ambulance to the Teton Valley Hospital.

7/27 — A trash bag fell out of a truck onto the highway and the driver pulled off the road to clean up the detritus.

7/27 — A caller reported that his father had gotten into a physical altercation with him and his mother before driving away intoxicated. Units were unable to locate the vehicle but interviewed the victims and contacted Family Safety Network. The nonprofit arranged for hotel lodging for the victims. The father turned himself in at the sheriff’s office the next morning and was transported to Madison County Jail for domestic battery.

7/28 — A deputy observed a car stopped in the middle of Highway 31. The driver had apparently seen the stop sign on Crystal Avenue and thought it was a stop on the highway. He had a Bonneville County warrant out for failure to pay fines. He was taken into custody on the warrant and failed field sobriety tests at the sheriff’s office. His girlfriend, who had been the passenger, arrived at the sheriff’s office to pay his bond, but deputies determined that she was also DUI. They were both transported to Madison County Jail.

7/28 — A pitbull attacked another dog in Victor and bit the dog’s owner. A report was taken and the case is under investigation.

7/28 — There was a two-vehicle accident on Main Street in Victor. There were no major injuries and a report was taken for the damage.

7/29 — A deputy assisted a probation officer with a house check and found that the subject had violated the terms of her probation because she was in possession of a controlled substance.

7/29 — A woman entered her ex-boyfriend’s home and assaulted him. She was taken into custody for violation of a protection order and battery and transported to Madison County Jail.

7/30 — A man was taken into custody on a Bonneville County warrant and a Bingham County warrant. He was also cited for open container and possession of paraphernalia.

7/30 — A caller reported hearing gunshots near his home in Victor. Deputies were unable to locate the source.

7/31 — A Tetonia resident reported that a speed limit sign had been removed in a subdivision. The parties involved agreed to handle the matter civilly.

7/31 — An individual was cited for dumping trash in another person’s private dumpster.

7/31 — A woman requested that deputies respond to her house because of a verbal altercation with her boyfriend. The matter was resolved and she was provided with information for Family Safety Network.

7/31 — A Tetonia resident reported that campers in the Badger Creek area were being loud. Deputies located the campers and advised them of the noise complaint.

8/1 — A vehicle had been parked in downtown Driggs in a way that blocked a deputy’s car. The owner of the vehicle was located and the issue was fixed.

8/1 — A driver was pulled over on Bates Road for failure to yield while turning left and taken into custody for first offense DUI.

8/1 — A Driggs woman reported that she had heard a person attempting to enter her apartment and had informed him that she had a shotgun. He left in his vehicle. Deputies were able to locate him and he told them he had mixed up north from south while trying to find the address where his family was staying on vacation.

8/1 — A Driggs caller said the people in the apartment above were playing loud music. The partiers were informed of the noise complaint.


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