There were 322 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Aug. 10 and Aug. 18. Deputies performed 38 security checks of local businesses and 64 traffic stops. There were nine accidents and one DUI.

8/10 – An Alta caller reported that a four-wheeler had been stolen from her property.

8/10 – A driver from Idaho Falls hit and killed a horse near the intersection of Highway 32 and 33.

8/11 – The Teton Valley Hospital reported that an older man was at the hospital with a dog bite but he did not wish to press charges.

8/12 – A Victor caller reported hearing gunshots fired. Deputies determined that two men were shooting on their 30-acre property nearby.

8/12 – A Montana man drove his truck into a ditch southwest of Tetonia. When deputies responded they performed a field sobriety test and cited him for DUI.

8/13 – Dispatch staffers observed a suspicious man taking photos of the security cameras at the courthouse. When deputies made contact with him, they discovered he was a new hire in charge of reworking the county’s security system.

8/13 – A woman had two former boyfriends trespassed from her property because their previous trespass notices had expired after a year.

8/13 – One of the aforementioned boyfriends tried to make a report of fraud, saying another involved parties had made purchases on his PlayStation. The claim turned out to be false.

8/13 – There was an elk vs. car accident south of Victor at 11 p.m.

8/14 – A juvenile was caught shoplifting at Broulim’s. The issue was handled between management and the kid’s parents.

8/14 – A woman came into the sheriff’s office with her boyfriend, who had been cited for possession of marijuana the day before and had to come in for finger printing. She reported that he had bitten her on the face during an argument on the way to the sheriff’s office. He was charged with domestic battery and transported to the Madison County Jail.

8/15 – Baby cows were spotted wandering through the Creekside Meadows neighborhood.

8/15 – A man was trespassed from a local gas station for harassing his ex-girlfriend who worked there.

8/15 – A child safety sign was stolen from a road in Driggs.

8/16 – An older woman backed her car into the fence next to Provisions. Her son promised to repair the fence.

8/16 – A Montana man was pulled over in Victor and blew .075, so he did not receive a DUI but was cited for having an open container.

8/16 – A Victor caller reported hearing neighbors yelling at each other. Deputies responded and determined that the couple was intoxicated but that no physical altercation had occurred.

8/16 – A juvenile was caught using tobacco products.

8/17 – The theft of three quilts from the fairgrounds was reported.

8/18 – A transformer blew above Teton Springs and started a fire. Fire units responded and extinguished the fire.

8/18 – A sparrow hit a power line and started a fire in a borrow pit near Clawson Cemetery. Fire units responded and extinguished the fire.

8/18 – A hitchhiker was trying to catch a ride on Main Street in Driggs. Deputies informed him that hitchhiking was illegal and gave him a courtesy ride to the Super 8 Hotel.


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