There were 280 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Aug. 16 and Aug. 22. Deputies performed 76 traffic stops and 56 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and zero DUIs.

8/16 — A caller reported seeing an accident occur near Driggs. A truck hit two deer and left the scene. The deer were still alive and also left the scene. No report was taken.

8/16 — A Victor caller reported that two construction crew members had entered the new Victor Elementary site to begin work and saw two suspicious men fleeing the scene. The sheriff’s office has increased its security checks on the construction site.

8/16 — A Tetonia resident reported seeing via a security camera that a strange woman had entered his house. It was later determined that his roommate had failed to tell him that the roommate’s girlfriend would be staying at the house.

8/17 — A man called 911 at 7:30 a.m. to report that he was being held at knifepoint by his girlfriend’s brother. Deputies responded and determined that the man had attempted to strangle his girlfriend before the brother intervened. The caller was taken into custody for domestic violence.

8/17 — There was a moose vs. vehicle accident south of Driggs near Teton Creek. Deputies were unable to locate the moose after the accident.

8/17 — There was a report of fireworks near the Fox Creek area of Victor. The fire department informed dispatch that a wedding was occurring there and that the wedding party had a permit for fireworks.

8/17 — A construction manager reported seeing two unknown individuals walking around at a job site. It was later determined that they lived nearby and had stopped by to look at the future residential units.

8/18 — A dog was killed by a bear in the Dry Ridge area of Tetonia. Deputies checked the area and determined no neighbors were using unsafe waste storage methods, but that bears have been active in the area.

8/18 — A man was found sleeping behind the Victor Phillips 66. There was a warrant out for his arrest in Florida but extradition was not possible. He was advised of the homeless shelter in Jackson and refused all courtesy rides offered by the officers.

8/18 — A juvenile bear with a history of activity in the area climbed through an open window in a house near Connie’s Pond. The bear destroyed parts of the house and was eventually dispatched because it would not leave and was behaving in an aggressive manner.

8/19 — A Victor resident reported fraudulent charges on a checking account and filled out a fraud packet.

8/19 — A caller reported that a neighbor was flying his remote controlled plane later than usual and said it was too loud. Dispatch informed the caller that Teton County has no ordinance for nighttime quiet hours.

8/19 — A man who was up Fox Creek Canyon called 911 but was routed to the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, who transferred the call to Teton County, but the call was out of Wyoming so dispatch transferred the call to Teton County, Wyoming. The man had seen a bear on the trail and deployed his bear spray, accidentally spraying himself in the face. He could not return to the trailhead because the bear was still blocking his way. Wyoming informed him that TCSAR was unavailable to respond but that a Game & Fish warden would give him advice on how to address the situation over the phone.

8/19 — An apparently intoxicated individual was seen walking down Highway 31 away from Victor. Deputies were unable to locate him.

8/19 — A caller reported seeing two individuals go into the Victor Elementary work site at 9 p.m. They turned out to be construction workers laying tile, but one of them did have an active warrant out of Lubbuck County, Texas.

8/20 — One occupant of a car parked at Bates Bridge was taken into custody for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. His car was towed and he was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/20 — A caller reported seeing a suspicious white Hummer parked next to the neighborhood mailboxes for over ten minutes. The vehicle was gone when deputies arrived.

8/20 — A caller reported loud partying and yelling coming from a neighboring house at 11:30 p.m. The neighbors were also possibly using a leaf blower. They had wrapped the party up by the time deputies arrived.

8/21 — A caller reported that someone had been camping in a van outside her Driggs house for several days. Deputies spoke to the individual, who said he was between jobs and living out of his van. They advised him that a campground would be a more appropriate venue for sleeping.

8/21 — The occupant of a vehicle parked outside a local dentist’s office was taken into custody on a Kootenai County warrant as well as for possession of methamphetamine.

8/22 — A moose was hit and killed on Highway 31 outside of Teton County. The call was forwarded to Bonneville County.

8/22 — A deputy found a young boy alone on the bike path north of Victor. It was determined that his mother was not far off and the child was returned to her.

8/22 — A caller reported that her neighbors kept coming onto her property and tying her gate shut, and said they had broken her irrigation line. The neighbors were served a trespass notice.

8/22 — The City of Victor reported that someone had spray painted the bike path underpass near the Kotler Ice Arena. The vandalism is under investigation.

8/22 — A caller reported that another man had shoved him at the West Side Yard. Deputies responded and separated the men for the evening. No arrests or citations were necessary.

8/22 — A caller reported seeing smoke in the area of Pine Creek Pass. Fire units responded and did not see any signs of a fire.


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