There were 288 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 12 and April 18. Deputies performed 82 traffic stops, 51 security checks of local businesses, and six public assists. There were two accidents and zero DUIs.

4/12 — Around midnight a deputy checked on a suspicious vehicle parked in the Victor LDS church lot. The car’s occupant was sleeping. Later in the morning another deputy made contact with the occupant, who said he would be leaving the area soon.

4/12 — Deputies responded to a call about a domestic disturbance in Tetonia at 10 a.m. All involved parties were intoxicated and uncooperative, but there had been no physical altercation. One household member was given information for Family Safety Network and the couple agreed to separate for the day.

4/12 — A report was taken for a theft at Broulim’s.

4/12 — A woman turned herself in at the sheriff’s office on a felony warrant for cruelty to a child. She paid bond and was given a court date.

4/12 — Idaho State Police responded to a rollover accident in Tetonia.

4/13 — A caller reported hearing gunshots south of Tetonia. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the shots.

4/13 — A caller reported a driver in downtown Driggs who was unable to maintain lanes. Deputies located and pulled over the driver, who was not intoxicated but was given a verbal warning for reckless driving.

4/14 — Deputies made contact with an individual who was sitting on the side of the frontage road north of Victor. The person said he was just resting.

4/14 — Deputies assisted with a state police arrest of a man for DUI.

4/14 — During a traffic stop for speeding in Tetonia, a driver was cited and released for possession of paraphernalia and a controlled substance.

4/14 — In the parking lot of the Super 8, one guest’s vehicle was struck by another. The involved parties said they wanted to work it out between themselves and said they would call the sheriff’s office if they needed additional assistance.

4/14 — A woman reported that she was concerned about a depressed friend possibly harming herself. Deputies arrived and detained the friend, who became combative. She was transported to the hospital and put on a psychiatric evaluation hold.

4/14 — A caller reported that a strange woman had walked into the house and was yelling for her kids. Deputies responded to the woman’s residence. When a man answered the door, a meth pipe fell out of his pocket onto the ground. He was cited for possession of paraphernalia.

4/15 — The county treasurer reported a fraudulent check to the sheriff’s office.

4/16 — A deputy stopped some individuals who were riding dirt bikes on the sidewalk in Driggs and informed them that they are not permitted to do so. They loaded up their bikes in a truck to go ride somewhere else.

4/16 — A caller was concerned about a dead dog on the highway in front of the Creekside subdivision. Dispatch advised that it was actually a dead deer.

4/17 — A woman reported that she heard gunshots near the Driggs city park. Deputies arrived but could not locate the source of the shots.

4/17 — Multiple mailboxes, trash cans, and a basketball hoop had been knocked over in the Easy Street neighborhood. Deputies investigated and found there were no vehicle tracks in the area or damage to the property, but there had been heavy winds the night before.

4/17 — The sheriff’s office investigated a lighting complaint in Tetonia that had been forwarded from the prosecutor’s office and the county planning department.

4/17 — A juvenile male was cited for shoplifting from Broulim’s and given a trespass notice.

4/17 — In order to comply with a no-contact order out of California, a resident turned in his firearms to the sheriff’s office.

4/17 — A caller reported suspicious activity at a Driggs apartment complex. Deputies located the troublemakers, who consented to a search of their vehicle. A man was arrested for felony possession of meth and a woman was cited and released for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

4/18 — A Driggs caller said a neighbor that he didn’t get along with appeared to be tampering with his license plates. The report was cleared.

4/18 — A caller reported that someone had buried something in the Driggs cemetery and marked the spot with a wooden cross. The groundskeeper advised that it was a recent burial that had been marked with a temporary cross until the headstone is ready.

4/18 — A caller reported seeing a couple fighting in the Broulim’s parking lot and said the man had pulled the woman’s hair. Deputies took the man into custody for domestic battery and transported him to Madison County Jail.

4/18 — There was an anonymous report of a house party in Victor where minors were drinking and smoking marijuana. Deputies responded to the address but observed no vehicles or signs of a party.

4/18 — The suicide prevention hotline called to report that a woman had a knife and was trying to kill herself. The hotline attendant could hear yelling in the background. A man who was on the scene was able to get the knife away from the woman before units arrived. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

4/18 — A caller reported seeing smoke and fire near 2000W on Highway 31. Units arrived and determined it was a very large controlled burn that did not present a hazard.


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