6/28 — Several subjects were standing around in the parking lot of the Victor LDS Church. Deputies observed that the subjects were intoxicated and were waiting for a ride.

6/28 — Report of male subject yelling and trying to get into a residence. Deputies arrived and did not have enough evidence to charge for a domestic disturbance. The subject was cited for possession of marijuana. The female who was in the residence was also cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia. Both subjects advised that they would stay in separate rooms for the evening.

6/28 — The next day at the same residence, there was a report of the same male subject, heavily intoxicated, who agreed to leave and stay with a friend after deputies responded to a call of disturbance.

6/28 — Deputies responded to report of vehicle parked on Center Street. The driver’s door was open and no one was around. While on scene, the deputy observed open containers of alcohol in the car and marijuana. When the driver arrived, they consented to a search of the vehicle and the driver was cited for marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

6/28 — Report of a truck pulling a camper with a tire on fire. Deputies located the vehicle and apparently it was not actually on fire but smoking. The owner advised they would take care of the smoking wheel.

6/28 — Reporting party believes that his deposit bag was stolen out of his vehicle and needed a sheriff’s report for insurance purposes.

6/28 — Reporting call of a 43 years old male resident of Driggs who left the Royal Wolf too intoxicated to stand and had gotten into his vehicle. Deputies located the vehicle as he passed the sheriff’s office on his way out of town. He was stopped for not maintaining lanes. Driver was heavily intoxicated and refused all tests. Deputies issued a blood draw warrant and subject was taken to the hospital for the blood draw. The subject was too intoxicated to post bond and he was taken to Madison County Jail.

6/28 — Report of intoxicated male leaving Victor Gateway Gas Station. A 60 years old resident of Montana was located by deputies and taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test. The man also had a loaded pistol on his person and another loaded gun in his vehicle. The subject gave a voluntary blood sample, but resisted transport. During transport the person started pounding on the cage in the sheriff’s vehicle and was punching it while attempting to open the door,. The subject pulled the interior of the door handle so hard that he broke it. Subject was taken to Madison County Jail and charged with custody of firearms as a convicted felon, DUI, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, open container, escape and assault on a peace officer for verbal threats.

6/28 — Report of an individual who had taken some medications and made some suicidal statements. Deputies and ambulance arrived and the subject said they had not taken any medication and refused an EMS evaluation. The call was cleared.

6/29 — Reporting party advised that individuals were shooting onto his property. The caller asked the shooters to stop and they did. A deputy followed up and the call was cleared.

6/30 — Report of neighbors screaming at each other outside because of a dog barking. Owners of the dog were advised of the barking dog ordinance. Deputy advised that the neighbors should not to talk to each other if it couldn’t be civil.

7/1 — Walk-in report of threats. Reporting party advised that they were a property owner who was evicting individuals and he was concerned that their actions could be construed as threats. The evicted persons were revving engines and driving up and down the property. Deputies checked on the party and did not see any explicate threats at that time.

7/1 — Report from the animal shelter of a dog that had gone missing overnight. After reviewing security footage, it was believed the owner of the dog at the shelter broke in and picked up their dog. A report was taken and an investigation is currently underway.

7/2 — Report of intoxicated person who came to pick up his dog. Deputies responded and the person was not intoxicated, just acting like a jerk.

7/2 — Reporting party advised his spouse was starting a fight. Deputies arrived and found no physical altercations had occurred. The couple was separated for the evening and given resources for Family Safety Network.

7/2 — A traffic stop on Bates Road found three minors and two adults in a vehicle that was stopped for speeding. The deputy detected the smell of marijuana and preformed a search of the vehicle. The juvenile driver, a 16-year-old girl, was cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She was also cited for speeding and cited as a minor in possession of tobacco. One other minor was cited for having tobacco products. The driver was turned over to her mother.

7/2 — Report of a Victor resident who broke his leg near the Knotty. The man who broke his leg was offered a ride to Teton Valley Hospital in private vehicle driven by a women and her adult daughter who were from out of town. While en route, the man groped the driver’s adult daughter. The investigation is ongoing. The victim and mother submitted an affidavit to the prosecutor’s office for review.

7/3 — Report of a naked female screaming in her driveway at the reporting party from his driveway. The female admitted to the deputy that she drove her vehicle, but the vehicle was stuck in the ditch just down the road. Deputies arrived and found her highly intoxicated and speaking in a frantic manner. She was taken into custody for a DUI, was cited, released and given a courtesy ride to her residence. The car was towed.

7/3 — Reporting party called that she was getting kicked out of the house by her husband and she had her four children with her. Deputies made contact with all parties. She and her husband agreed to sleep in different rooms for the night and were given information for Family Safety Network.

7/4 — Three vehicle fender-bender in Victor. One driver had whiplash and was complaining of neck pain. No tows necessary and there was minor damage to vehicles.

7/4 — Report of a person who was punched by the proprietor of Grumpy’s Goat Shack because of a disagreement over politics. Alcohol was a factor and no charges were filed at this time.

7/4 — Reporting party advised that they left keys in their car and when they returned their car was gone. Idaho State Police found the car at the Victor LDS Church and the owner stated nothing was stolen or damaged.

7/4 — Adult male, resident of Utah was pulled over for speeding. Subject was then given a field sobriety test and failed. While searching the vehicle, deputies found an open container, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Subject was taken into custody and later bonded out at the sheriff’s office.


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