9/27 — A caller reported 20 horses running down Highway 33. A deputy controlled traffic until the horses could be rounded up.

9/27 — A caller in the Victor area reported a large plume of smoke to the east of their home. The caller said the smoke was beginning to clear and a deputy was unable to find any fire.

9/27 — A driver flagged down a deputy to say there were cows loose on Highway 31, a deputy checked but couldn’t find the cows in question.

9/27 — A caller reported a power pole that had caught fire. Teton County firefighters put out the flames so Fall River Electric workers could begin repairs.

9/27 — A deputy spotted four cows that had gotten out of a pasture, he stopped and put them back in.

9/28 — A woman opened her door to get to work and discovered a man, who was completely naked, lying against the door. Deputies looked for the man but couldn’t find him. They canvassed the area and got a description.

9/28 — A man called to get assistance connecting to the Family Safety Network to get help for his spouse. He was put in touch and FSN provided resources.

9/28 — A deputy checked on a car stopped by the side of the road with its hazard lights on, the driver said they had stopped to take pictures of a moose.

9/28 — A caller said they saw a possibly injured hawk on a fence post on a rainy day. Dispatch contacted Idaho Fish and Game which said that hawks hold their wings in an odd way when they are wet. Deputies couldn’t find the hawk, which was most likely still flightworthy.

9/28 — A caller near Felt said that a vehicle was trespassing on their property and that the occupants were possibly spotlighting animals. A deputy responded and found two adults and two juveniles in the car. All four were cited for trespassing, one was cited for possession of a controlled substance.

9/28 — A Deputy spotted a car stopped near Harrop’s hill, the driver had stopped to talk on a cellphone.

9/29 — A Deputy took a loose black lab to the animal shelter for its owner to pick up.

9/30 — A man was seen in his car outside a local drinking establish well past closing time. The man said he couldn’t drive so he was sleeping it off in his car.

9/30 — A school reported that one of their students had possibly been abused. After a forensic interview the father of the child was arrested on abuse charges.

9/30 — A woman reported that someone had stolen her stamp collection and replaced it with stamps of lesser value.

9/30 — An abandoned truck was reported near Tetonia. The owner was contacted and said the truck had just broken down.

9/30 — The Sheriff’s office took a delayed report about some skeletal remains possibly being found at a construction site. Dispatch contacted the city which said that someone had asked about the process if they discovered remains while digging. A search of local construction sites did not find any bodies or skeletal remains.

9/30 — A homeowner outside of Tetonia, east of Hatch’s corner, reported that a bear had gone through their garbage. They were given Idaho Fish and Game’s number.

10/01 — A woman passed away at home. It was ruled natural causes.

10/01 — A man died after a long illness, the coroner confirmed it was the result of natural causes.

10/01 — Two dogs were spotted chasing horses north of Driggs. The owner was cited for dog at large.

10/01 — A parent reported their son had been beaten up at school. A report was taken and the suspect was served with a juvenile battery note.

10/01 A witness said they saw a hit and run at a local gas station. Deputies located the vehicle that was said to be involved in the crash but could not find any damage on it.

10/01 — A man called to say his girlfriend saw a cougar. The sighting was forwarded to Idaho Fish and Game.

10/01 — A caller said people were walking around the Airbnb next to his home with flashlights. A deputy spoke with the people, who turned out to be staying at the Airbnb.

10/01 — The Sheriff’s office responded to a report that a man held his girlfriend’s head under the water in their bathtub. Deputies couldn’t find the man but the investigation is ongoing.

10/02 — A man was arrested after a court hearing on a federal warrant from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

10/02 — A woman said someone was opening magazine subscriptions in her name. She was given information on fighting fraud and told to cancel the subscriptions.

10/02 — A suspicious vehicle was reported near the Cedron Cemetery. The driver was sleeping in his car.

10/02 — A driver was pulled over for a traffic stop in Victor. The deputy found drug paraphernalia. After failing field sobriety tests, the driver was served for driving while impaired by marijuana.

10/ 02 — Two consenting adults parked in a vehicle near Sherman Park in Victor were notified of the laws concerning nudity within city limits.

10/03 — A deputy stopped a driver for excessive speed near on Highway 33. After failing field sobriety tests, the man was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

10/03 — A woman voluntarily went to Teton Hospital for a mental health evaluation after her family said she was exhibiting suicidal behavior.


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