There were 171 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Jan. 5 and Jan. 11. There were 21 traffic stops, five slide off accidents, nine other vehicle accidents and 41 security checks.

1/5 – The reporting party called to asked if they could legally salvage a deer from the side of the road. The sheriff's office advised that it was legal, but a permit needed to be gathered from Idaho Fish and Game. The reporting party called back to report that the deer was not salvageable.

1/6 – A deputy advised two hitchhikers along Highway 33 that it is illegal to hitchhike in the state of Idaho. The sheriff's office advises a few hitchhikers every month of this rule.

1/6 -- Sheriff's deputies followed up to a report of battery stemming from a fight at Dave’s Pubb. The deputies determined that the extent of one of the individual's injuries warranted an investigation into the incident.

1/7 -- A deputy stopped to help a motorist fix a flat tire along the side of the highway. While the deputy was helping the driver, he could smell marijuana coming from the car. The deputy seized a sizable amount that at press time had not been logged into the report. The deputy also seized drug paraphernalia. The driver was cited and the amount was not a felony.

1/7 -- The reported theft of a television and some auto tools is under investigation. The items are believed to have been taken by the reporting party’s former roommate.

1/7 – There was a report of an unattended death at a home residence by natural causes.

1/8 – There was a report of a license plate theft believed to perpetrated by a passerby who traded out plates to avoid law enforcement.

1/10 -- Report of an unattended death. A friend stopped to check in on their neighbor as they did every morning and found that their friend had died. The coroner reported no indication of suspicious circumstances.

1/10 Three accidents were reported due to icy weather conditions. One accident was caused when a vehicle slid into another vehicle while pulling into a parking space at the Driggs Post Office. Another vehicle had hit a deer and one more vehicle slid into the back of another car. The sheriff's office asked Teton County Road and Bridge to mitigate the icy conditions.