1/14 — A dispatch operator observed on the sheriff’s office security cameras individuals who may have been fighting near the law enforcement building. One woman appeared to be on the ground in the snow. Deputies made contact with them and determined they were intoxicated and enjoying a friendly snow fight.

1/22 — The man who was cited for domestic assault earlier in the week called to report that his ex-girlfriend had stolen his truck keys while she was retrieving belongings from the residence. Deputies responded and found the keys in the ignition of the vehicle.

3/1 — A visiting group reported that an intruder had attempted to enter their vacation rental at Teton Springs at midnight. Deputies arrived and located the suspects, who said that earlier they had gotten their vehicle stuck in the snow and returned to their own vacation rental, but had mistakenly tried to enter the wrong house.

3/14 — A caller reported hearing loud arguing from a nearby apartment. Deputies made contact with the residents and found them engaged in a friendly but spirited game of Mario Kart.

3/29 — A caller reported that there was a deer in her backyard in Driggs.

4/10 — A Driggs caller reported that he had found a bunch of pine cones and a wet mop from the garbage can under the hood of his car. He thought it was suspicious and wanted it documented.

4/28 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a person who was curious if he could drive over Pine Creek Pass. He was advised not to call 911 for questions of that nature.

5/15 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a hiker who got lost in the Bitch Creek area thinking it was Birch Creek in Clark County. Dispatch got his coordinates and contacted Teton County Search & Rescue, but deputies were able to find him before SAR mobilized. He was cold and wet but unharmed.

5/21 — A caller reported that her neighbor had mooned her. The case is under investigation but the sheriff’s office does not think there are grounds for an indecent exposure charge.

5/29 — A Tetonia caller reported that a neighbor’s buffalo had caused damage to their tree. The property damage was documented.

5/29 — A caller reported that he had been the victim of armed robbery and aggravated assault. The night prior he had gone to a party and then traveled to the Horseshoe Canyon area with some acquaintances, who then demanded he give up some possessions and threatened him with a firearm. Several shots were fired. He escaped and contacted law enforcement the next morning. The aggressors were identified and the one who used the firearm was taken into custody.

6/2 — A caller reported that a flag had been raised above the Driggs post office that might be affiliated with “Antifa.” Employees there explained that it was a POW/MIA flag that is often flown over the post office.

6/11 — A deputy made contact with the occupants of a parked vehicle on 8000S and found that they were playing Pokemon Go.

6/13 — A Driggs caller reported three men smoking marijuana outside. Deputies located the men, who said they’d already smoked all the weed. With no further evidence, they received no citations but were given a warning about illicit substances.

6/26 — There was an incident of road rage at the Victor stop light. After being brake-checked several times going down Teton Pass, a Victor man got out of his car at the light and confronted the driver of the car in front of him. That driver, a St Anthony resident, started to retrieve a baseball bat from his backseat. That angered the confronter, who tried to grab the bat, but the driver rolled his window up too quickly, so the man started punching and kicking the vehicle and making lewd hand gestures. He was located and cited for assault.

6/29 — A Victor caller reported a suspicious person walking on Highway 31. Deputies made contact with the foot traveler, who was enjoying an afternoon constitutional.

7/5 — Dispatch received a 911 call from someone who said they were hallucinating. The 27-year-old male from Driggs said that he thought someone had drugged him as he woke up upside down in his vehicle suspended from his seatbelt. He advised that he cut himself out of the seatbelt and then climbed a grain silo. Deputies responded and located the vehicle that was upside down. The man refused a breath sample and failed his field sobriety test. While investigating, deputies found marijuana on the man. The driver admitted he had taken hallucinogens recreationally, but had not done so that night. He was cited for driving under the influence, possession of concealed weapon while under the influence, and possession of drugs.

7/11 — A caller reported two incidents of domestic disturbance with her husband. Officers responded and spoke with both parties, one of whom had thrown a bell pepper at the other. They both received misdemeanor citations for domestic battery and were separated for the evening.

7/13 — A caller reported that she was unable to find her two young boys. When units arrived she said she had found them hiding in a closet.

7/17 — A Driggs caller reported hearing the sounds of a wild animal outside her residence. A deputy responded and found several cats making noise in a dumpster nearby.

7/23 — Dispatch received a long 911 call with strange background noise. Officers responded to the Tetonia location based on GPS coordinates and found an individual mowing his lawn. There was no emergency.

7/25 — A caller reported seeing three vehicles stopped at a stop sign south of Driggs in an apparently suspicious fashion. Deputies were unable to locate any questionably immobile cars.

8/2 — There was a report of a suspicious vehicle driving up and down a section of road north of Driggs. A deputy went to the area and stopped the vehicle. Two dozen open beer cans were found in the car. When asked how many he had consumed that day, the driver, a man from Oklahoma, said he’d only had a six pack. He said he was unable to perform field sobriety tests but did provide a breath sample and was taken into custody for DUI, open container, and possession of a marijuana pipe.

8/11 — A Driggs resident with prior DUI convictions was pulled over near LeGrand Pierre Avenue for driving at night without taillights. He fell down while taking field sobriety tests, abraded his face, and blew over three times the legal limit. EMTs responded to check on his injuries. He was cited for excessive DUI and open container and given a courtesy ride home.

8/25 — A young child called 911 and asked for pizza or a burger then hung up. No one answered when dispatch called the number. A deputy responded to the location and found the parents at home. The father had a talk with his kids about responsible phone usage.

8/31 — A caller found a garbage bag that smelled bad at the bottom of a hill and suspected there was a dead body in it. Deputies responded and determined the bag was empty and there was a dead skunk nearby.

9/27 — A caller reported that there was a red horse trailer parked in a field with around 40 to 50 chickens and a herding dog nearby. She was concerned that the flock was on public property and although there was no indication of criminal behavior, she was adamant that a deputy respond to the scene. An officer did so and told the caller that everyone involved looked content and happy, that the animals were on private property, and that open range for livestock is allowed in Idaho.

9/30 — A caller reported that a cow had gotten into a Driggs house he was working on while the door was off its hinges and had caused damage and chewed up some carpet. A report was taken for the damage.

11/15 — A caller said a man had come to his house to thank him for helping to get his vehicle unstuck the previous day. The visitor, who had managed to get stuck again while at the caller’s address, was acting strangely and the caller was concerned he was driving under the influence. Deputies arrived and detected the odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from his vehicle. He failed field sobriety tests but a breath sample indicated he did not have significant blood alcohol levels. However, his behavior and other indicators made the officers suspect he was under the influence of a controlled substance or prescription drugs, so they took him into custody and received a warrant for an involuntary blood draw. The man, a Pocatello resident, was released and is awaiting possible driving under the influence of a controlled substance charges.

12/5 — A caller reported hearing a verbal altercation in the commons area of Mountain Laurel Apartments, including yelling and screaming individuals that were possibly intoxicated. Deputies responded and discovered that the source of the ruckus was a children’s birthday party. There were no intoxicated parties or conflict, only enthusiastic kids.

12/9 — An employee of of a local landscaping company reported receiving a prank call from a juvenile caller requesting details on the extent of the landscaping company’s services. With no contact information, deputies were unable to contact the prankster.