1/26 — Two women at the Knotty Pine accused another person of removing items from their purses. The items were later located on the smoker’s bench outside the establishment.


2/12 — A caller reported that there was a moose cow and calf near one of the yoga studios in Driggs. The sheriff’s office has received quite a few calls about the moose in downtown Driggs and would like to remind citizens that wildlife come into town every winter, and asks that people not approach the animals.

2/18 — Several people accidentally made calls to 911. With newer iPhone models, if you press and hold both the power button and a volume button for a few seconds, your phone will call 911 and/or your designated emergency contacts. The sheriff’s office requests that people with those iPhones please disable the auto call feature in your phone’s settings.


3/7 — A traffic stop netted a felony arrest for an Idaho Falls man for his sixth DUI. The man was pulled over in Victor after he failed to maintain driving lanes and then failed to yield to patrol lights and sirens. Once he was stopped, the 42-year-old driver exited the vehicle and was belligerent and combative with deputies. When asked for his license and registration, the man threw out both hands and gave the deputies both middle fingers and said, “I got it right here.” He would not comply with deputies who had to restrain the man. No tasers were used.


4/18 — A caller reported that someone had buried something in the Driggs cemetery and marked the spot with a wooden cross. The groundskeeper advised that it was a recent burial that had been marked with a temporary cross until the headstone is ready.


5/11 — A man who had been taken into custody on a warrant the previous day for violating the conditions of his release after a DUI charge called the sheriff’s office and asked the TCSO staff to call some of his acquaintances and employees to arrange for the care of his dogs. Arrangements were made.


6/10 — Dispatch received several calls about a truck on fire outside of Tetonia. The driver eventually noticed the fire in his truck and pulled over. He was transporting two bulls into the county and was towing a trailer. Deputies were able to respond and extinguish the fire, and fire units cleaned up the scene. The bulls were unharmed and HAPI Trails assisted in transporting them to their final destination.

6/20 — A boy was walking down Highway 31. Deputies made contact and determined that his mother had made him walk home to calm down after an argument with a sibling. She came back to check on him.


7/12 — A caller reported a pick-up truck swerving through Victor. A deputy located the truck as it left a gas station, then pulled the driver over at Mike Harris Campground after he nearly drove off the highway. The driver was uncooperative and refused to take field sobriety tests. He said the deputy would have to take him “kicking and screaming,” and that he did not intend to go to court after he was released from custody; instead he would drive off into the hills of Oregon and grow marijuana. He was transported to Madison County Jail for excessive DUI, open container, possession of paraphernalia, and obstructing officers.


8/1 — A Driggs woman reported that she had heard a person attempting to enter her apartment and had informed him that she had a shotgun. He left in his vehicle. Deputies were able to locate him and he told them he had mixed up north from south while trying to find the address where his family was staying on vacation.

8/15 — A parent called because her daughter decided to walk from 3000S to the Royal Wolf. The daughter was in her early fifties and not on probation, so deputies did not respond to the call.

8/19 — A man who was up Fox Creek Canyon called 911 but was routed to the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, who transferred the call to Teton County, but the call was out of Wyoming so dispatch transferred the call to Teton County, Wyoming. The man had seen a bear on the trail and deployed his bear spray, accidentally spraying himself in the face. He could not return to the trailhead because the bear was still blocking his way. Wyoming informed him that TCSAR was unavailable to respond but that a Game & Fish warden would give him advice on how to address the situation over the phone.


9/28 — A caller said they saw a possibly injured hawk on a fence post on a rainy day. Dispatch contacted Idaho Fish and Game which said that hawks hold their wings in an odd way when they are wet. Deputies couldn’t find the hawk, which was most likely still flightworthy.


10/2 — A woman said someone was opening magazine subscriptions in her name. She was given information on fighting fraud and told to cancel the subscriptions.

10/2 — Two consenting adults parked in a vehicle near Sherman Park in Victor were notified of the laws concerning nudity within city limits.

10/13 — A person in downtown Victor asked for a deputy to perform a Breathalyzer test on him to determine if he was valid to drive. The deputy complied and determined he was under the legal limit and thus could drive.


11/29 — A caller reported that her friend whom she had asked to dogsit had left the dog unattended for 48 hours to travel to a concert. The caller asked if there was any legal action she could take, and was advised that it had to be worked out between parties as a civil action.


12/1 — A caller reported that a shovel had flown out of the back of a vehicle onto Highway 33. A deputy located and removed the shovel from the road.


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