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The Teton School District 401 office building and tennis courts on Main Street in Driggs are still listed for sale.

As of Monday, Dec. 14, the Teton School District 401 Board of Trustees was entertaining an offer made on the old district office currently for sale in Driggs.

The property — originally listed for $495,000 — received an offer earlier in the year that didn’t pan out. Now, another buyer has made a cash offer of $385,000, but has tacked on an additional request.

The property, located on Main Street in Driggs, has a small strip of land that is not included in the parcel that is up for sale. Approximately 20 feet by 230 feet in size, the strip is between the current edge of the property and the adjacent district-owned property. The buyer is requesting a change in the boundaries to include this piece of land: both for ease of access to the current structure as well as maintenance.

The board discussed this addition, and while they agreed to collect more information about what such a boundary change might cost, what the process might include, and what that slice of Main Street might be worth, they did not include the adjustment in their counteroffer.

The board authorized their representative agents at Teton Valley Realty to make a counteroffer of $440,000 on the property as it currently stands. Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme agreed that he would be willing to consider the boundary change, but needed time to discuss the implications of the change with his maintenance team to fully analyze the impact on the district’s property maintenance and access.

The district’s Victor real estate transaction with Broulim’s is still moving ahead with little change. Applications for a zone change have been filed and work with the City of Victor continues on schedule.