Mike Morey admits that timing can be everything, but strong roots in a place that you call home is a leading factor that has propelled CityPASS onward toward unbounded success.

When he and his business partner Mike Gallagher, founded CityPASS in 1997, the world was on the cusp of understanding the fuller potential of the Internet. The partners had an idea which hatched in Jackson Hole, but would ultimately grow roots deep into the Teton Valley.

When CityPASS started, no one was booking travel online. The online company is now a premier product for travelers who want to visit a destination’s top attractions while enjoying savings of up to 50 percent and skipping most main-entrance ticket lines. CityPASS’s growth was rapid with the timing of world’s move toward the digital age.

“We were in that log cabin building across from the tire place,” says Mike sitting in the third floor conference room in one of the three buildings which holds the 37 employees who live and work in Teton Valley. “We lasted there for a year,” he remembers of the old Victor space. The company has grown to more than 50 employees, 37 of whom live and work in Teton Valley who occupy three buildings in downtown Victor.

“One of the things I like to tell people as to why we are so successful is because we are in Teton Valley,” said Morey. “Teton Valley has an extraordinary talent group. Every time we put a job ad out there we like to see who comes out to apply.”

And it’s because of the extraordinary group of employees that Morey credits so much more of the continued success of CityPASS. Megan Allen, CityPASS CEO agrees and in turn credits Morey for protecting and growing a strong team of ambassadors for CityPASS.

“It’s the success of the business that allows CityPASS to create these job opportunities in the valley and for staff to be rewarded really well with the stability of a regular pay check, health insurance and a retirement plan,” said Allen. “Mike has done an amazing job of this in creating a work — life balance. The people who work here talk about this place and that has spread.”

She continued, “At the core, we put the employees even above our customers. We have created a stable yet challenging environment where our staff can grow, thrive and have a career in this mountain town.”

To hear Morey speak about Teton Valley is to hear a man speak about his home. While he traveled the world, he looks forward to cresting the dry farms heading in from out-below and that same feeling is felt by those he employs.

“Employees chose to live where there is the right mix of everything — recreation, education, health services — I think that this valley does such a good job in all of these areas that it makes it a good place for our employees to be. You look at what we have here. I continue to be more impressed with the schools. I have six grand children in the schools and it’s a wonderful experience for them. Barbara and I look at the valley and think, isn’t this a great place to live,” said Morey.

“Our employees are the company’s most important product,” added Allen.

CityPASS tickets, which have a 97 percent customer recommendation rating, contain prepaid admission to top attractions in major North American destinations: New York City, Southern California, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Toronto. CityPASS tickets are valid for nine consecutive days (7 days for Denver and 14 days in Southern California), starting with the first day of use. Visit


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