bags of chips

Teton Valley Community Recycling is doing a special recycling collection for the month of July through our TerraCycle program. With summer in full swing and people grilling, picnicking, floating, and playing outside, lots of us are consuming packaged chips and snacks. TVCR will collect and recycle all savory snacks and chips bags through the month of July. The program is funded by Sensible Portions brand snacks and recycled at a specialized facility in New Jersey.

Please bring clean, empty bags of any savory snack or chips (any brand) to our TerraCycle collection points near the Rock Gym at the Geo Center in Driggs or at General Laundry in Victor. Please do not bring other items that seem similar such as cereal bags, foil wrappers, cookie bags, coffee bags, or flour bags. These are all contaminants which cannot be recycled through this program. Our volunteers have to pick out any contamination or throw the whole batch away, so please help by only bringing clean, crumb-free chips bags until July 26 when the shipment will be boxed up and sent for recycling.

Sadly, this specific recycling collection is closing nationwide just as TVCR got off a three year wait list. However, we are able to continue recycling a wide variety of other “hard to recycle” materials including contact lenses, dental waste (toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes), beauty and self-care product packaging, health and nutrition packaging, deodorant tubes, mouthwash, and razors. Please check out our complete program details at the drop-off sites or visit our website

Traditional recyclables such as clean aluminum cans, steel cans, glass, #1 & #2 plastic bottles, white office paper, and corrugated cardboard can all be recycled at the Teton County Transfer Station/Recycling Center in Driggs. Our TerraCycle program is a separate program to recycle some “hard to recycle” waste which our county cannot recycle.

Thanks for recycling your chips bags from now until July 26!