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Scott Golden

Scott Golden is retiring after a long and productive tenure in the public works department for the City of Victor.

Interim public works director Nate Beard, who worked under Golden, is taking the reins from a superior that exemplified what it means to be a leader.

“He was a phenomenal boss,” said Beard. “He would try to take all the stress so we didn’t have all the stresses of all the major stuff going on.”

Golden was brought on by Victor Mayor Don Thompson, and one of his first projects was to get the (then) new sewer system online.

“They had just installed it under Mayor Thompson,” said Golden. “He hired me as public works director to bring it online.”

Other projects included the building of Sherman Park and the pump station nearby it.

“Some of the major accomplishments that I’m proud of are helping design the million-gallon tank and pump station at Sherman Park along with Sunrise Engineering, designing the outer loop system, and building Sherman park with the help of Randy Thomas and others,” said Golden.

Just as important as his achievements were the building of a positive work environment in the public works department.

“It’s just something that I was taught over the years,” said Golden. “You lead by example, you be on the front lines, you do all the things that you ask your people to do.”

“It was a good place to come and be and work,” said Beard.

Beard also mentioned that in the case of an emergency, Victor residents can thank Golden for long nights on call.

“Multiple, multiple hours of late-night emergencies, he took all that on the whole time he was the boss,” said Beard. “He bore the weight of all that on call.”

Golden attributes that to the intrinsic values of his generation.

“My generation was taught that loyalty and hard work and setting the example was very important for those that you worked for,” said Golden. “It was taught that it was your bread and butter and you go 110% for them, being loyal. You don’t see that much anymore with a lot of people in the workplace… Loyalty and honor.”

Even with his retirement from the public works department, Golden plans to remain involved in a slew of other civil service roles.

“I don’t really have a whole lot of time,” said Golden. “I serve as a deputy coroner, fire commissioner for the Victor fire district, and I’m also a chaplain for the sheriff’s office.”

Perhaps Golden is best known around the valley for his humility, despite his contributions to Victor.

“He never boasted about anything,” said Beard. “Very, very humble.”