This story first appeared online on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at It has been updated for print to reflect the defendant’s plea.

On Monday, Sept. 16. the defense attorney for Myrna Izaguirre entered a plea of not guilty in response to the two misdemeanor charges of vehicular manslaughter levied by the Teton County Prosecutor’s Office. A date has not yet been set for a pre-trial conference for the case as of deadline Monday evening.

Last week, the prosecutor’s office charged valley resident Myrna Izaguirre, 43, with two counts of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter stemming from the June car accident that killed valley residents Dory Puglisi, 8, and Madi Quissek, 45, near Tetonia.

Quissek and Puglisi died after the car they were in collided with another vehicle driven by Izaguirre on June 7. Also traveling with Quissek was her own daughter who survived the accident.

According to the affidavit submitted by Idaho State Police Officer Dustin Green, Izaguirre’s vehicle, “crossed the centerline and into the eastbound lane and collided head-on with the 2007 Toyota Rav,” driven by Quissek.

According to the ISP collision report, cell phone use was not a factor in the accident. The collision report also indicated that Izaguirre had a .049 percent blood alcohol level. State law considers a BAC of .08 percent or higher to be over the legal limit to operate a vehicle. The ISP collision report lists three contributing factors including alcohol, fatigue and driving left of center.

The ISP affidavit did not indicate that alcohol was a factor in the accident. Teton County Prosecutor Billie Siddoway said last week that alcohol was not a factor in the criminal complaint.

The criminal complaint charges that Izaguirre, “did unlawfully, but without malice kill,” both Quissek and Puglisi, “by failing to stay in the appropriate lane of travel.”

One count of vehicular manslaughter can carry up to a year in jail, up to $2,000 in fines and possible child support and the suspension of a driver’s license.

Izaguirre has retained defense attorney Kyle G. Hansen of the Law Office of Kyle G. Hansen in Idaho Falls.

Editor’s note — this story was updated on Wednesday, Sept. 11 to include additional information from the ISP collision report.


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