Left Lane Law

A motorist changes lanes to pass a slower driver in the left lane along Interstate 84 near the Cloverdale overpass on July 26, 2018.

BOISE — Starting July 1, Idaho drivers will be required to move over a lane to give highway workers and other responders to roadside emergencies more space.

The new law expands a 2006 law that already requires motorists to move over for police vehicles with flashing lights. Now, drivers must also move over for other responders to traffic incidents, such as Idaho Transportation Department workers and tow truck operators using flashing lights in a stationary position.

“At highway speeds, it only takes a split second for an accident to happen, so making some space to allow our crews to maintain the roads makes the highways safer, both for us and the traveling public,” Jerry Wilson, ITD operations engineer in North Idaho, said in a news release.

The law also extends protections to maintenance workers removing tires, animal carcasses or other objects from the road, filling potholes and fixing guardrails, for example.

“We really appreciate the courtesy of other drivers who slow down and move over to give us a safer space to do our jobs,” ITD Treasure Valley Incident Response driver Kyle Wright said in the release. “That buffer of space makes a big difference.”


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