Rob Heuseveldt mug

Rob Heuseveldt 

Rob Heuseveldt, the Victor public works director and city engineer, submitted his two weeks' notice to the Victor City Council and mayor on April 13. 

Heuseveldt was hired to hold those two roles as well as city administrator in 2012. He had previously worked on contracted projects with the city through Sunrise Engineering. When current city administrator Olivia Goodale was hired in 2016, Heuseveldt was able to focus solely on engineering and public works. 

He wrote in an email to the Victor government that he would be leaving his post on April 28. He plans to return to the private sector as the development director for a local company. 

"Overall it's been a great experience with the city," he told the Teton Valley News. "As I look back on it, it's been an awesome journey. My parents raised me to value leaving a place better than I found it, and I feel like Victor has made a lot of advances in our time." 

He named the Blue Flax alley, the Depot renovation, and pathway improvements as some projects he is proud of, but a few really stand out: the traffic light and the relocation of the elementary school. 

"I came up with the current intersection layout and Idaho Transportation Department took it and ran with it," Heuseveldt said. The traffic light, only the second in Teton Valley, was installed in 2014. 

He was involved in lengthy behind-the-scenes negotiations as the city and school district tried to determine where a future elementary school would be built. 

"When I was hired, I received my marching orders: Victor needed a new school, a hotel, and a grocery store. I did my part on all of that," he added. 

He said he will recommend his assistant public works director, Nate Beard, as an option for his replacement. 

"He knows what he's doing, he's been through the trainings, he knows a ton," Heuseveldt said about Beard. "But I think those positions should be separated—it's hard to keep up with both engineering and public works."  

He won't be the only one leaving the City of Victor this year; Goodale announced in February that she would be stepping down as administrator, but she has committed to staying through mid-June to help the mayor hire her replacement and ease the city through the transition.