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Four Victor residents have indicated their interest in filling the city council seat left vacant in January.

At their Jan. 22 meeting, the council members decided to solicit letters of interest from potential candidates to fill the fourth chair. By the deadline of Feb. 4, four people had thrown their hats in the ring: Landon Kaufman, Carl Kohut, Stacy Hulsing, and Adam Riley.

Kaufman ran for council in November but wasn’t able to best Amy Ross and Emily Sustick in the election. He grew up in Victor and participated in the Envision Victor planning process a decade ago. Kohut, an architect, filed to run for council in 2019 but withdrew his name shortly thereafter. Hulsing recently took over as general manager at the West Side Yard and participated in the original civic effort to build a dog park in town. Riley owns Teton Timberframe and while he has never held office, he does bring extensive knowledge of building codes and civil engineering to the table.

Teton County confirmed that each candidate is eligible for council.

“I think these are all strong, fully qualified candidates,” Mayor Will Frohlich said.

On the morning of Feb. 25, the council will interview each candidate for 15 minutes about his or her qualifications, goals in office, and big dreams for the city, as well as the more quotidian question of whether he or she can make the time commitment to attend two meetings per month as well as community events and trainings.

While Victor has not used a formal candidate appointment process before, at least in recent history, city administrator Olivia Goodale said that when she worked with the Town of Jackson, they went through similar steps to fill a council vacancy.

In the end it is the mayor’s responsibility to appoint the new council member. That person will hold office until the next city general election in November of 2021. The city hopes to have the seat filled by March.


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