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The City of Tetonia is raising funds by selling hanging flower baskets from Treehouse Nursery, similar to the ones that brighten Main Street in the summer.

Zoning out

The Tetonia Planning and Zoning Commission has reconvened to tackle an ambitious project: bringing the city’s land use code into this century.

Mayor Gloria Hoopes said that with people moving into and out of town, inquiring about allowed uses in different zones and proposing new business ventures, the code needs to be updated.

P&Z, which is composed of Linda Herrera, Josh Weltman, Sharon Fox, and Brandon Wood, has been poring over Driggs and Victor land use codes and referencing the codes of Idaho towns closer to Tetonia’s size, such as Teton, Island Park, and Deary.

“It’s going to be a bear of a project,” Herrera told the city council at Monday’s meeting. She came before the council to ask for direction on the task.

The council members decided it would be best if the commission considered different sections of the code, made tweaks, and brought them individually to the council for discussion.

Herrera agreed to use the Teton County Affordable Housing Strategic Plan, which the council will potentially adopt next month, as a guiding policy document in P&Z’s code discussion, although as Hoopes pointed out, many of the strategies in the plan apply more to Driggs and Victor.

Play ball

The council members discussed the city’s nebulous park reservation policy and how last summer it led to certain sports groups holding a monopoly over the playing fields.

“There were some hard feelings and arguments because there were no limitations on time spent using the fields,” Hoopes said.

They agreed that with tee-ball, coach pitch, baseball, and softball all wanting to reserve time, they should hammer out a clearer system and probably charge more for field use. They decided to require a game and practice schedule from the league rather than letting teams reserve big chunks of time every day of the week.

“At least we could get some kind of ballpark figure from them,” joked Councilman Tom Abbott.

The council directed city clerk Jacque Beard to find out how the City of Driggs manages its park reservation system, since Driggs parks are used by several different leagues.

Give us a sign

After receiving three quotes for a large sign on Tetonia City Hall, the council decided to revisit the topic next month.

Hoopes said that people often ask where city hall is, because it’s tucked away off Main Street next to the Ruby Carson Memorial Park and doesn’t have any signage on the building. That’s why she and Beard sought quotes from sign companies in the area for a large, durable sign to go above the administrative office door. But the council members balked at the cost estimates, which ranged from $1,900 to $3,000. They decided to investigate cheaper options, including a carved wood sign or a fabricated metal sign.

In bloom

Hoopes and Beard said they’ve already received quite a few orders for hanging flower baskets from Treehouse Nursery in Rexburg.

“They’re a hot item,” Beard added.

The baskets are in the same style as the ones that adorn the streetlights on Tetonia’s main drag. Order and prepay with the city clerk on or before April 15 and the baskets will be available at city hall on May 27-29. The prices range from $21 for a smaller petunia basket to $53 for a larger combination basket. The city will keep a portion of the proceeds for small projects and beautification efforts.


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