Teton Valley Resort wishes to expand its in-city holdings and rezone the western portion of its property (in orange) for recreational uses.

The manager of Teton Valley Resort on Highway 31 has applied to the City of Victor for an annexation of the resort-owned 12 acres west of the existing operation, and for a conditional use permit in order to operate a restaurant in the TVR clubhouse.

Resort manager Keith Larsen wrote in the annexation application that TVR is in the process of constructing its second phase on the five-acre lot south of the existing resort, formerly the site of the Rocking H Mobile Home Park, and the expansion is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021; the western parcel would constitute the third phase, with additional RV bays, access roads, a park area and pond, trails, and landscaping.

“Currently all of the existing facilities within Teton Valley Resort are booked at peak season and many potential customers and tourists are turned away,” the application narrative reads.

The parcel, which TVR acquired in September of 2019, is county land zoned for rural residential uses; a campground/RV park could be operated on the property with a conditional use permit, but TVR wants to connect its future development to city sewer and water services, which necessitates an annexation into city limits. Guests at the park pay lodging tax to the City of Victor, but that tax would not be collected on the adjacent property unless it were annexed into the city. TVR is requesting a rezone to parks and recreation, which is the zoning of the existing resort.

At the same time, TVR is also seeking a conditional use permit to offer food services in the clubhouse for guests, with the possibility of offering dining to community members when capacity allows. The restaurant was completed and passed inspection in 2019, but it wasn’t until October of 2020 that Victor amended its land use code to clarify that accessory restaurants are allowed with a conditional use permit in several zones, including the REC zone. TVR is now recruiting chefs and restauranteurs, pending approval of the CUP.

The Victor Planning & Zoning Commission will consider both applications on April 22. The virtual meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Instructions for participation are available at Submit public comment to