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Sego Ski Co has placed a bid that is $30,000 more than the Broulim’s offer on the old Victor Elementary School property. Broulim’s is under contract with the school district to buy the property, contingent upon a rezone through the City of Victor.

Victor ski manufacturing company Sego has put in a last-minute offer to buy the old Victor Elementary School site owned by the school district, although Broulim's is under contract to purchase the property.  

Sego owners Pete and Tim Wells submitted their offer of $630,000 to the school district's real estate agents on Feb. 10. The Broulim's bid, made during the initial sealed bid process last August, is $600,000. 

The eastern Idaho grocery store chain is in the midst of requesting a zone change from the City of Victor in order to accommodate a new 20,000-square-foot store on Center Street. The property is currently zoned for civic uses and Broulim's is seeking a commercial mixed-use zone. The Victor Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m., which members of the public can participate in remotely by visiting the city's website and using the Zoom meeting link. Around 80 community members submitted public comment before the deadline last Thursday and while most of the comments are in opposition to a new Broulim's store at that location, many people wrote that they were not against the rezone itself. 

After the P&Z makes its recommendation of approval or denial to the city council, the council will hold its own public hearing on the zone change and make the final decision. If the zone change is approved, the applicant will still need a conditional use permit in order to build a store that has a footprint larger than 15,000 sq. ft. If the zone change or CUP is denied, Broulim's can terminate its offer on the property. 

Sego's offer is also contingent on a rezone, although Tim Wells said he is open to any commercial or mixed-use zone. 

Wells, a former Victor council member, said he wants to "provide a space for community and small businesses to grow and thrive." He thinks the existing structure could house a ski shop, pet store, coffee shop, nonprofit offices, conference rooms, dedicated community space, and even a relocated Victor City Hall.

Tayson Rockefeller, one of the agents working with the school district, explained that the district could accept Sego's offer as a back-up position but can't give it preferential consideration unless Broulim's were to terminate its contract. The school board won't have an opportunity to discuss the new offer until its next regular meeting on March 9.