This election season, with positions open in each city and in the school district, the fire district, and the cemetery districts, there will be ample opportunity for anyone interested in running for local office to throw their hat in the ring.

An unusually high number of appointments in the valley’s city governments means that there could be a lot of turnover in Tetonia and Driggs. (Officials who have been appointed are automatically up for reelection in the next municipal election.)

In Tetonia, two council seats and the mayor’s seat will be on the ballot. In September of last year, Tetonia council member Tom Abbott stepped down and was replaced by Ryan Bonilla. Earlier this year, Tetonia lost Mayor Gloria Hoopes to cancer; Councilman Brent Schindler took her place, and was replaced on council by Jimmy Hatch.

In the Driggs government, three council positions and the mayorship will be on the ballot. Resignations by Wade Kaufman in May of 2020 and Ralph Mossman in January of 2021 led to the appointment of Tristan Taylor and Miles Knowles, respectively. Council president August Christensen and Mayor Hyrum Johnson’s seats will also be open.

In Victor, council president Molly Absolon and Stacy Hulsing will be up for reelection. Hulsing was appointed in March of 2020 after Tim Wells stepped down; her addition to the council made it the first all-female council in Teton County’s history.

Two trustees will be elected to serve four-year terms on the Teton School District 401 Board of Trustees; the Zone 3 and Zone 4 seats are currently occupied by Ben Kearsley and Jake Kunz. Kunz was appointed in 2018 to fill Delwyn Jensen’s seat.

The cemeteries throughout Teton County are supported by property taxes and governed by elected boards split into five districts (not including the inactive Felt district). Each district has one or two commissioner seats open for election for four-year terms.

Three fire commissioners administer the Teton County Fire Protection District, which is the management and financial arm of Teton County Fire & Rescue. Commission chair Jason Letham, from District 2, will be up for reelection for a four-year term.

Declarations of candidacy must be filed with the clerk of the political subdivision before 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 3. For the complete instructions on how to file, visit and go to the Elections page. Elections will not be held for the school district, cemetery district, or fire district if only one qualified candidate has filed for the available position.