Sewer connection

A site visit by the Victor public works department revealed that a cluster of RVs parked across from city hall were improperly connected to the city sewer system.

The Victor City Council voted on Aug. 11 to fine a Victor property owner for illegally operating a small temporary RV park on a lot across the street from city hall.

It came to the city’s attention in early July that about the seven or eight RVs were parked on the Elm Street property and were being used as temporary workforce housing. This violated the city ordinance which only allows one occupied RV for up to three months as an accessory dwelling to a primary residence. The public works department also determined that the RVs did not have properly permitted or designed sewer connections, which was a safety and contamination concern.

According to documentation from the city, the property owner, developer Zahe Elabed, was given notice of the code violation and asked to remove the RVs on July 12. After the city scheduled a public hearing to consider violations to the code, the owner was able to find a new location for the dwellings in Driggs.

Because the matter had been resolved quickly, the council decided against pursuing any civil or criminal action, but did vote to fine the owner $1,000. The reason for that, Mayor Will Frohlich noted, was that investigating the issue had cost significant city staff time from the planning department, public works department, and attorney.

The council members acknowledged that providing housing for employees was a pressing concern for many businesses in the area, and said they hoped property owners could pursue legal ways to offer rentals.

Councilwoman Emily Sustick said, “We are conscientious and understanding that there’s a housing shortage problem, but that doesn’t mean you can just decide to fix that problem on your own.”